These Are 5 High Crime Spots in Los Angeles You Should Avoid for Safety Concerns


Welcome to the City of Angels, where glamor and glamour mix alongside areas of high-security concern. Los Angeles, noted for its colorful culture, is also dealing with high crime rates in certain neighborhoods.

In this guide, we’ll walk through five high-crime areas in the huge metropolis that require caution and alertness. From notorious neighborhoods to areas plagued by criminal activity, we shed light on areas where safety may be jeopardized.

Join us as we explore these zones, providing insights to help you navigate and protect yourself in the dynamic landscape of Los Angeles.

1. Downtown LA

Downtown Los Angeles is the most dangerous of the city’s neighborhoods. The center of Los Angeles’ economy is located in Downtown, sometimes known as DTLA. Although this is where the majority of Los Angeles’ wealth is generated, it is also a fairly seedy neighborhood.

According to FBI crime statistics, the violent crime rate in Downtown Los Angeles is twelve times greater than the national average. When property offenses are taken into account, the crime rate in downtown Los Angeles is 530% higher than the nationwide average. The Los Angeles Police Department reported 1,702 violent offenses in 2022. Furthermore, in 2018, the murder rate in downtown reached a record high of 490.

Nighttime walking, whether alone or in big groups, is strongly discouraged. Pickpocketing and robberies are common in downtown neighborhoods, and homelessness remains a major issue.

Daytime crime rates are lower, but you should exercise extreme caution. The parts abutting Third Street, Seventh Street, Alameda Street, Main Street, and southeast of Third Street have suffered from sudden degradation. Nobody should be caught carrying large amounts of cash.

2. West Adams

West Adams is considered one of Los Angeles’ most hazardous areas. With 6,811 crimes per 100,000 residents or one in every 15 people, the neighborhood is highly unsafe. The population is 11,961.

The majority of West Adams’ criminal activity is drug and gang-related, with a focus on violent crimes. Although the police force is physically present in this region, residents commonly express displeasure with response times due to the high frequency of reported incidents.

3. Hollywood

Surprisingly, Hollywood ranks high among Los Angeles’ most hazardous areas. Although Hollywood is home to several of the world’s most well-known film production companies, the city also has a significant crime problem.

With 90,322 residents and a crime rate of 4,894 per 100,000, Hollywood is 109 percent more risky than the national average. Despite Hollywood’s reputation as a tourist hotspot, pickpocketing and item theft are common.

4. South Los Angeles

South Los Angeles has 4,268 crime events per 100,000 residents, with a population of 249,670. Previously known as South Central, this is now one of Los Angeles’ riskiest areas. The main issues there are drug trafficking and gun violence, both of which are linked to gang activity.

Crime rates in South Los Angeles have steadily declined since the 1990s, when police presence was much higher. Nighttime strolling is dangerous, and the level of gang activity varies by neighborhood.

5. Compton

Compton is one of Los Angeles’ most violent neighborhoods. The crime rate in Compton has decreased during the 1990s, but the neighborhood remains dangerous due to its reputation for drug selling, gun violence, poverty, and violent crime.

With 97,740 residents and 3,533 crimes per 100,000, Compton is 51% riskier than the national average. Although the murder rate in Compton has declined over the last two decades, it was the highest in the country in 2005. Nonetheless, violent and property crimes in Compton have increased since 2020.

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Certain communities in Los Angeles stand out for their increased security concerns. From the bustling streets of Downtown to the historic areas of West Adams, Hollywood’s glitz, and the urban landscapes of South Los Angeles and Compton, caution is essential. Stay aware, be cautious, and explore these regions intelligently.

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