Examining the Facts: Fact Check on IRS $8700 Stimulus Check Eligibility & Payment Dates


The Internal Revenue Service, the managing authority of the United States of America, has issued a fact check on the $8700 Stimulus Check Updates. They have pinned a tweet on the stimulus check information, which is widely circulated on the internet. Citizens of America interested in obtaining the $8700 Stimulus Checks Updates should exercise caution and read all of the information provided by the IRS and mentioned below.

IRS $8700 Stimulus Check

The United States of America has offered stimulus cheques to qualifying residents who are experiencing low income and rising inflation. In March 202, the country’s then-president signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) into law.

Under this measure, residents will get one-time stimulus checks, direct cash payments of $1200 for adults, and $500 for children under the age of six. However, there are rumors that the IRS is issuing $8700 stimulus check updates to inhabitants of the country.

$8700 Stimulus Checks 2024: Overview

Internal Revenue Service
Benefit Name
Stimulus Checks for Everyone
Applicable in USA
Amount $8700
Payment $725 Per Month
Category Government Aid
Official Website https://www.irs.gov/

$8700 Stimulus Checks Payment Dates Updated to 2024

Internal Revenue Service officials have pinned a tweet asking Americans to stay when filing their tax returns. They stated in their tweet that many various sorts of social media profiles are active, including incorrect tax advice that can put you at risk.

It is now more difficult to remain educated and avoid slipping into a trap, as social media accounts are inundated with fraud and phony news about stimulus checks.

What are Stimulus Checks?

Stimulus checks are payments made to citizens who are having difficulty managing their costs and require quick assistance. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many citizens experienced financial difficulties due to unemployment. They were unable to fulfill their fundamental and daily necessities.

So the American government has decided to provide financial assistance through stimulus cheques, often known as economic impact payments. There are already reports that the Internal Revenue Service has agreed to distribute $8700 in Stimulus Check updates to program-qualified participants in June 2024.

Who Qualifies for the Reported $8700 Stimulus Check Updates?

  • Qualified individuals must live in the United States and hold permanent citizenship.
  • Qualified individuals must have a unique, valid Social Security number for each family member.
  • To be eligible for benefits, single filers must earn less than $75,000 per year.
  • Married couples who file taxes jointly must have an annual income of less than $150,000.
  • Heads of families who are the sole earners must have an annual income of less than $112,500 to qualify for benefits.


The IRS has warned against spreading disinformation about $8700 stimulus cheques online. Officially, there have been no such updates confirmed. Americans should rely on authenticated IRS correspondence. Previous stimulus checks offered financial assistance throughout the pandemic, and qualifying standards are still critical for any future benefits. For correct information, go to the IRS website.

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