Discover the Top 5 Most Dangerous Crime Areas in Fort Worth, Texas You Should Avoid (2024)


Explore the darker side of Fort Worth, Texas, as we look at its five most notorious crime hotspots. Despite its colorful culture and busy economy, Fort Worth has zones of peril where crime thrives. From bustling city cores to tranquil neighborhoods, these locations bore the brunt of increased criminal activity, casting a contrasting light on the city’s attractiveness.

Join us on a tour through Fort Worth’s underbelly, where law enforcement efforts collide with societal issues, shining light on the intricacies of urban life and the search for safety in the Lone Star State’s fifth-largest city.

1. Sycamore

When you look through these rankings of the worst neighborhoods, you’ll notice areas marked by tremendous poverty and urban ruin. Situations might grow pretty terrifying. Sycamore does not appear to be without hope. Despite this, a slowing economy makes it the fourth worst area in Fort Worth in 2024.

Sycamore has a high unemployment rate of 5.4%. Securing a job is difficult, but the unemployment rate is far from disastrous. The median income is $44,497, which is deemed mediocre. Not wonderful, but not in extreme poverty. The majority of residents continue to find neighborhood real estate values affordable. The median home value is $85,861.

2. Southside

Southside is projected to be Fort Worth’s fourth worst neighborhood in 2024. Nonetheless, it has many positive characteristics. There are various attractions, including Glenwood Park for daylight strolls and a hip area with clubs and restaurants just across I-35 in a district known as “Near Southside.”

The Lenora Butler Rolla Museum serves as an example of the region’s strong civic culture. However, it is difficult to ignore the obstacles that the region also faces. Economic challenges impede the neighborhood’s development, as evidenced by the other items on this list. For example, Southside’s median income is $37,624.

3. Northside

A neighborhood called Rodeo Park is supposed to be vibrant and entertaining. The Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame is right outside the neighborhood, which adds to the excitement. The features improve a range of restaurants and businesses, offering all the comforts a resident may want.

However, there is a problem. The local economy is difficult to navigate. The unemployment rate today stands at 4.2%. Finding a job in the area that pays more than $40,000 is difficult. The neighborhood’s median income is $37,189.

4. East Coast

In Northeast Fort Worth, I-35 is the main road for traffic. The Airport Freeway and E. Belknap St. are two major roads that you can see. Even though these major freeways are in the area, it’s not just made up of a network of asphalt roads. You can also enjoy nature in places like Riverside Park, which is next to the West Fork Trinity River.

It’s hard to live in that area. Most of the people who live there are having a terrible time with money. Even though the unemployment rate is low, the typical income is only $40,654.

5. East South

This part is southeast of the downtown area. As planned. Also, Lake Arlington is right next to it…It might have come as a surprise if you were expecting a constant view of the city. Just don’t get too excited, though…There aren’t any big waterfront properties offered. Trailers are more likely to be found near the ocean.

A big problem in this town is that a lot of people are poor. 5.9% of people are out of work. With a typical salary of $31,691, wages are still not very high. Life’s costs are still reasonable. The study starts with housing costs, with a median home value of $53,724 as a starting point.

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In conclusion, Fort Worth, Texas, has both areas with lots of culture and places with a lot of crime. Even though the city is appealing, some areas have big problems, like economic problems and urban decay. Even though people are working to reduce crime, the fight for safety shows how complicated city life can be in Fort Worth’s varied settings.

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