This Tennessee City Has Been Named the Highest Rate of Divorce in the Entire State


Welcome to Tennessee City, where the complexity of love and relationships meet the brutal reality of divorce. Amidst the stunning scenery and vibrant community life, there is one sad statistic: it has the highest divorce rate in the entire state of Tennessee.

Behind the attractive exterior of this city lies a story of broken marriages, destroyed hopes, and the emotional toll of divorce.

Join us as we look at the elements that contribute to this divide and hear personal stories about the road from “I do” to “I can’t anymore” in this Tennessee city.

Where Divorce is Most Common in Tennessee

According to the most recent Tennessee census, Lexington, a small town in Henderson County, had the highest divorce rate among inhabitants aged 15 and over, with a total population of 7,927.

Lexington’s median income is $45,877, lower than the state average of $56,071. Low income, lack of education, substance abuse, domestic violence, and infidelity are all possible contributing factors to the high divorce rate.

Cities With Low Separation Rates

With a population of 23,778 people, Farragut in Knox County, Tennessee, has the state’s lowest divorce rate among individuals aged 15 and up: 2.0%. Farragut has a median income of $113,985, which is much higher than the state average.

Affluence, educational attainment, social support, religious beliefs, and access to marriage counseling are all possible explanations for Farragut’s low divorce rate.

Overall, Tennessee’s divorce rate is 6.0%, lower than the national average of 10.9%. The divorce rate in this state is the 38th highest among the 50 states. Tennessee’s divorce rate, which varies significantly by county and city, reflects the state’s diverse culture and people.

Alabama, Arkansas, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Wyoming all have greater divorce rates than Tennessee (3.6). In contrast, Massachusetts (1.0), Illinois (1.3), Texas (1.4), Maryland (1.6), and Kansas (1.9) all have lower divorce rates than Tennessee.

Divorce rates vary greatly by geography, culture, and socioeconomic status. This fact warrants extra attention. Divorce can be caused or result from a variety of factors, including socioeconomic situation, education level, drug abuse, marital issues, wealth, social support, marital treatment, religious beliefs, and domestic violence.

Comparison to Other States

According to the most recent data from the National Center for Health Statistics, Tennessee had the eighth-highest divorce rate in 2021, with 3.3 divorces per 1,000 residents.

The divorce rate in the state was 6.5 per 1,000 in 1990, therefore this is a decrease from that high point. Furthermore, with 9.9 per 1,000 residents, Tennessee has a lower divorce rate than the rest of the country.


Tennessee City, the state’s divorce capital, is where the subtleties of love meet the brutal reality of divorce. Beyond its attractive exterior is a heartfelt story of broken dreams and untangled lives. Join us as we investigate the factors driving this grim figure, delving into personal stories and societal trends.

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