Man With World’s Biggest Feet Stomps His Way to Guinness Book


Jeison Orlando Rodríguez Hernández, a 22-year-old guy from Venezuela, holds the Guinness World Record for having the biggest feet on a live person. Both of his feet are 40.55 cm (1 ft 3.96 in) long, which is the same as a US size 26 shoe. His left foot is 40.47 cm (1 ft 3.93 in) long. He has huge feet. How did he get them? What problems does he face every day? Let us find out.

Jeison was born with laryngeal hypertrophy, a rare disease that makes the voice cords bigger and thicker than they should be. He also has trouble with his feet, which have gotten very big since he was a kid. He says he’s always had trouble getting shoes that fit, so he wore boots or socks most of the time.

Journalists and people in general are very interested in Jeison’s feet. He has gone to different places to show off his feet and has been on some TV shows and movies. Another person he has met is Sultan Kosen, who holds the record for being the world’s biggest person. Another is Georg Wessels, a German tailor who makes shoes to fit people with big feet.

Jeison says that he is proud of his feet and sees them as a gift. His words are that they have made many things possible for him that he would not have had otherwise. He also does good things with his feet, like raising money and awareness for disabled people and people with rare diseases.

But there are some bad things about having such big feet as well. Jeison says that people who don’t understand his situation sometimes treat him badly and make fun of him. He also has to deal with health problems like illness, back pain, and joint pain. He says he needs to take care of his feet and see the doctor often.

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