Creepy hand found on road by cops turns out to be prop


After receiving allegations that a hand had been discovered on a busy A-road, the police ultimately discovered that the hand was a prop.

Following the strange tip-off, Cambridge police officers rushed along the A1198 to the location of the incident.

On the other hand, they were able to establish that the severed human hand was, in fact, a fake.

It’s never too early for Halloween, according to a spokesperson for the force, who added, “We have to hand it to this mischievous individual.”

A report of a mystery ‘hand’ was received on the A1198 today, and officers from our Cambridge City Police Department responded to the scene.

It found out that someone is missing a very lifelike prop after a few proddings and pokings were brought to light. The food was taken by hand and thrown away; there was no need to put it in the freezer.

An abundance of puns were generated by users of social media as a result of the humorous discovery.

On her social media accounts, Melanie Reeve made a joke and said, “You handled this job very well.”

An individual named Dave Vaissiere made the following statement: “Round of applause for handling the job in such a professional manner.” Craig Rothwell stated, “Don’t normally like to point the finger… but I think I know who did it.” This statement was made in response to the statement that “we are definitely in safe hands.”

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