Woman Recalls Dog Attack Following The Seizure Of 32 Dogs


Alabama’s Lawrence County (WHNT) – After word came that officials had taken almost thirty dogs from an abandoned house, a woman from Lawrence County is speaking out to Word 19.

Patricia Greene claims that over three years ago, she was attacked by a group of dogs on the same street, resulting in over ninety bites and open wounds.

“I was punctured 92 times.” I needed two blood transfusions and six procedures in total,” the woman remarked.

In 2021, Green claims that five dogs attacked and devoured her flesh during her walk home on County Road 324, almost resulting in her death.

“At first, there was just one dog that approached me. It didn’t bark or growl; instead, it just approached me and bit my arm. Then, other dogs arrived, and I had to fight them off and try to get them to stop. I even tried to pretend to be dead. Eventually, the people who live here came out and told the dogs to leave me alone.”

According to Green, the dogs that attacked her originated from two separate homes located on County Road 324. She reported anything to the police.

“These people didn’t put their dogs down, but the neighbor did,”

The canines at 3173 CR 324 were confiscated last Friday, according to a search warrant placed on the door. The report to the county commissioner stated that the dogs had been abandoned and had turned to devouring each other to survive.

The house where the thirty-eight pets were discovered was once occupied by Heather Sheffield. She faces ten charges of mistreating animals. A dog that has bitten someone is required under Alabama law to spend ten days in confinement at a veterinarian.

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