5 Small Towns In Maine Where You Can Retire For Less Than $2,000 A Month


Maine’s rocky coastline, picturesque rivers, and delectable seafood cuisine leave little doubt as to why it’s one of the most popular travel destinations in the country. Since Maine is the safest state in the union, more Americans relocated there in 2023 than any other place. Even though there are plenty of tiny towns in the United States where retirees can live for less than $2,000 a month, these Maine communities are even more alluring to retirees since they have lower crime rates than the national average. However, the reasonable cost of living in these little towns—less than $2,000 a month, including one person’s monthly house rental—makes them more alluring to retirees.

Choose from any of these quaint, little communities that are ideal for retirement to live peacefully and take in Maine’s cozy lifestyle!

1. Kingfield


Average Cost of Living With Rent: $1,971

The village of Kingfield, which is the entry point to Sugarloaf, one of the best ski slopes in Maine, has just 960 persons as of the 2020 census. Situated in the Carrabassett River Valley, the area boasts a temperate climate with agreeable spring and fall temperatures. The fact that Kingfield’s housing market is less expensive than the national average will please retirees since it will make it simpler for them to locate less expensive homes, particularly if they intend to buy one for retirement. The village is a great place to live permanently because of its tight-knit community, which is what makes it excellent for retirees.

2. Farmington


Average Cost of Living With Rent: $1,971

Nestled in the lower regions of Maine’s High Peaks, Farmington boasts a rich history and a thriving cultural legacy. It is also the home of the University of Maine at Farmington, the state’s public university system. The town has one of the best-preserved downtowns in the state thanks to the meticulous preservation of its historic buildings. It’s one of the Maine little communities where visitors will detour from Acadia. There are several clinics, hospitals, and other medical institutions, providing great healthcare. Retirees will find the area to be a great place to reside because of its low crime rate.

3. SebecSebec

Average Cost of Living With Rent: $1,922

The town of Sebec, with just 665 persons as of the 2020 census, is a fantastic place to retire because of its robust housing market, low crime rate, and tight-knit community. Retirees will adore the leisurely pace of life in Sebec, which is surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful evergreen forests. Here, they may go fishing, swimming, camping, hiking, hunting, and boating in the many rivers and lakes. There’s also the majesty of Maine’s magnificent fall foliage around Sebec Lake and the Sebec River.

4. Greenville


The Average Renter’s Cost Of Living Is $1,922

One of Maine’s most picturesque towns, Greenville lies tucked away near the bottom end of Moosehead Lake. It’s a quiet, little town with lots of recreational opportunities, including fishing and hunting, on the banks of the biggest lake in the state. It’s ideal for seniors looking for an enjoyable, carefree existence. A huge woodland wildness envelops the town, drawing many visitors who come to take in its breathtaking natural splendor. Seniors can savor delectable regional food and peruse locally made goods in the cozy downtown district, which is home to several independently run businesses.

5. Abbot


Average Cost of Living With Rent: $1,922

The town of Abbot, named for Bowdoin College treasurer John Abbot, is a popular retirement destination because of its peaceful surroundings and strong sense of community. Situated in the western Maine foothills, this quaint community of fewer than 700 people is encircled by picturesque forests and mountains. The many rivers and lakes in the area are great for boating, hiking, fishing, and hunting for retirees. Abbot is a safe place to retire because of its low crime rate. In addition, seniors will find a hospitable Main Street brimming with charming stores and eateries that invite them to unwind and take in the laid-back vibe of the community.

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