A Jewish Congregation Breaks The World Record By Creating A 35-foot Challah Bread


Monday, January 23, according to the Associated Press In order to increase their chances of breaking a Guinness World Record with a challah bread that was 35 feet long and 2 inches thick, a Jewish congregation in New York made the decision to form a partnership with a bakery in Brooklyn. This was done in order to make an effort at breaking the record. In order to fulfil the requirement, this action was taken.

To create the giant braided bread, the Jewish Federations of North America, the Orthodox Union, and Strauss Bakery, which is situated in Brooklyn, worked together with the Congregation Rodeph Sholom, which is situated on the Upper West Side. Strauss Bakery is located in Brooklyn. Strauss Bakery can be found in the borough of Brooklyn.

During the course of its activities, the bakery was responsible for the production of more than two hundred pounds of dough. In order to bake the dough once it had been braided, a tunnel oven that was forty feet in length was taken into consideration. In order to bake the dough, it was carried by truck to a kosher commercial kitchen in the state of New Jersey.

After the challah had been prepared to perfection, it was transported back to Congregation Rodeph Sholom so that it could be delivered to the congregation for consumption. This occurred right after the conclusion of the preparations that had been underway.

Before beginning the process, the length of the loaf was determined to be 35 feet and 2 inches using the measurements that were taken. This was done prior to the process of chopping it up into pieces. The agency that is in charge of maintaining the Guinness World Records is currently in the process of gathering evidence from the attempt to break the record. This is happening right at this very minute.

Currently, the Grandma Moses Bakery in Sydney, Australia, holds the record for the longest distance, which is 32 feet. This record was established in 2011. Australia is the location of this particular bread business. 2000 was the year when this record was initially created in an official capacity.

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