Pop superstar Sia Dazzles Fans With Her Unrecognizable New Look After Revealing Her Face After Plastic Surgery


Megastar Sia of Australia was spotted this week heading back home and basking in the beautiful Australian sunshine. Tuesday, Sia was seen smiling and posing for pictures at the Adelaide Hills-based Bird in Hand vineyard in South Australia.

For most of her career, Sia covered her face from fans with huge bows and an assortment of wigs. However, the musician confidently debuted her altered visage following cosmetic surgery this week. The singer looked incredibly young, having previously admitted to having a facelift and other such surgeries done for her “confidence issues” resulting from medication-induced weight gain. Sia revealed on X in December of last year that she had to take a prescription that caused her to gain a lot of weight, which she couldn’t lose with exercise or thyroid medication, so she had a lipo today.

I want you to know that I am extremely fortunate to have the means to alter my appearance and that it is not due to diet and exercise when you see me looking crazy foxy once more. To avoid adding to the system that perpetuates the idea that we are insufficient, I want to be completely honest about all of my practices.” She also discussed her insecurities and the discomfort she experiences from the media’s continual attention.

During a Daytime Beauty Awards appearance, Sia talked further and complimented the cosmetic surgeon who gave her the new look. She said to the crowd at the time, according to the New York Post, “I’m a pop star that normally hides my face and doesn’t lie about s–t.” Dr. Talei did a fantastic facelift for me. He is amazing and doing so much quality work, and not just for the world’s pop artists.” “I’m like, ‘Dr. Ben Talei, face-lift — for, like, anything you could ever want,'” she continued, praising her surgeon. I cherish him. I have nothing but praise for him.”

Sia also said on Zane Lowe’s show last year that she went through a serious depression episode following her 2016 divorce from Erik Lang. “The truth is that I had just been, now and then, writing a song here or there for the last six, seven years,” she admitted in the interview, according to E Online. I was completely taken aback when I got divorced. I spent three years in bed, really, truly depressed, throughout that dark period.

There wasn’t anything I could do throughout that time.” “Just little bits and pieces here and there, but getting me out of bed was really difficult,” she continued. Eventually, it just so happened that we had enough nice tunes to record an album.” December 2016 saw Sia and Erik make their breakup public, a little over two years after secretly getting hitched.

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