These Are Eight Things That People in Ohio Shouldn’t Carry in Their Purse or Wallet


Your wallet or handbag serves as a private safe for all of your valuable documents, including your identification, credit card information, and everyday necessities. However, carrying certain items may jeopardize your privacy, security, and safety.

To avoid potential hazards, Ohioans must be aware of what they are carrying while going about their regular activities.

Ohioans should never keep the following eight items in their pocketbook or purse:

1. Social Security Cards

Your Social Security card is an important document containing private information that could be used fraudulently or for identity theft. If it is not required, Ohioans should avoid carrying their Social Security card in their wallet or pocketbook. Instead, commit your Social Security number to memory or keep it secure at home.

2. Spare keys

Keeping extra keys in your wallet or purse can be convenient, but losing them puts your safety at risk. If your wallet or handbag is lost or stolen, the finder may be able to enter your home, car, or place of business. Spare keys should be maintained with a trusted friend or relative, or in a secure location at home.

3. Password and PIN

Keeping passwords or Personal Identification Numbers (PINs) in your wallet or pocketbook can compromise your financial security and internet access. Do not carry digital or paper passwords or PINs in your wallet or pocketbook. Instead, use secure solutions like memory tricks or encrypted password managers.

4. Large Amounts of Cash

Carrying a large amount of cash in your pocket or purse increases your chances of getting robbed or stolen. When possible, Ohioans should use debit or credit cards to make purchases rather than carrying huge quantities of cash. If you must carry cash, only bring enough to make short purchases.

5. Birth Certificates

Your birth certificate is an important document for many formal purposes, including applying for benefits and obtaining identification. However, keeping your birth certificate in your wallet or pocketbook makes it subject to theft or loss. Your birth certificate should be kept in a safe deposit box or other secure location at home.

6. Superfluous Credit Cards

Keeping multiple credit cards in your wallet or bag increases the risk of theft or illegal use, even while having access to credit is critical for emergencies and routine expenditures. Ohioans should only carry credit cards that are frequently used; the rest should be stored safely at home.

7. Personal Checks

If you misplace or have your wallet or pocketbook taken, carrying personal checks raises your risk of security breaches. Personal checks contain sensitive information such as your bank account number and routing information, which might be used illegally. Rather, maintain a modest number of checks at home and only carry them when necessary.

8. Precious Jewelry

Keeping expensive jewelry in your wallet or pocketbook raises the danger of robbery or theft. Ohioans who own precious jewelry should wear it sparingly or store it securely at home. Instead, they should not keep it in their wallet or purse.


In conclusion, Ohioans should take caution and avoid carrying sensitive materials such as Social Security cards, spare keys, passwords, large quantities of cash, birth certificates, excess credit cards, personal checks, and costly jewelry in their wallets or handbags. Protecting these items improves personal security while lowering the danger of identity theft, financial fraud, and potential injury.

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