The Strangest Stories Coming Out of Ohio


Ohio, a state rich in history and mystery, contains a tapestry of strange stories that defy logic. From haunting orphanages to highways that seem to talk in sand whispers, let’s take a look at some of Ohio’s strangest stories.

1. Eugene the Mummy: Sabina’s Enigmatic Attraction

Travelers were once drawn to the tranquil village of Sabina, dubbed “The Eden of Ohio,” by an uncommon spectacle. Eugene the Mummy, an unnamed deceased guy, became a surprising roadside attraction. His genuine identity, which has been on display for over three decades, remains unknown. Locals continue to wonder who Eugene was and why he was buried in Sabina.

2. Gore Orphanage: A Sinister Legend.

Amidst the shadows of Vermilion, Gore Orphanage Road echoes with stories of a real orphanage—the Light of Hope Orphanage, which closed in the early 1900s. This barren stretch of road is haunted by spooky apparitions and eerie sounds. Was it genuinely a haven for orphans, or does something more sinister lurk inside its black corridors?

3. Center of the World: A Failed Dream.

The Center of the World is located in Ohio and was once bursting with economic dreams. Despite its objectives, this small enclave never achieved the global significance it aimed for, remaining a weird footnote in Ohio history.

4. Waynesville is Ohio’s most haunted village

Waynesville, located in Warren County, has a pleasant façade but is seething with spectral activity. According to author Chris Woodyard, it is “the most haunted village in Ohio” and has over thirty spots reported to be haunted by spirits. Within Waynesville’s ostensibly peaceful neighborhoods lurks a world where the supernatural collides with the mundane.

5. Witch’s Tower: Deadly Whispers

Deep into a Dayton woodland is the Lookout Tower, sometimes known as the “Witches Tower.” Peggy Harmeson died in a sad accident in 1967, and her partner was injured by lightning during a storm. The tower, with its bleak history, serves as a sad reminder of unfathomable sorrow and lingering echoes of the past.

Vermilion, Ohio is a Small Town on a Great Lake

Vermilion, located on the banks of Lake Erie, has a rich history reaching back to the early nineteenth century. It began as a fishing and small-boat harbor before becoming a village in 1837, with its name derived from the neighboring Vermillion River. Among its peculiar features is Jerome-Clarkdale Road, where vehicles appear to defy gravity, rolling upward rather than down, amid stories of spectral interference.

Dayton, Ohio: The Birthplace of Aviation and More

Dayton, located in southwestern Ohio along the Great Miami River, has a rich history as a canal town that grew into a powerhouse of invention. It was here that the Wright brothers created the world’s first successful motor-powered airplane. Dayton’s transformation from a manufacturing powerhouse to an aeronautical research and healthcare hub demonstrates its long-term significance.


Ohio’s history is a tapestry woven with strands of the unexplainable. Whether encountering mummies or traveling down ghostly roads, the journey through Ohio’s roadways provides glimpses into a reality that transcends the everyday. As you travel the twists and turns of Ohio’s landscapes, be prepared for encounters with the extraordinary, as the oddest stories are typically just around the corner.

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