The Strangest Stories Coming Out of Illinois


Illinois is rich in history, culture, and variety, but it also has strange stories that have piqued people’s interest over time. From unsettling encounters to peculiar incidents, here are some of the strangest stories coming out of Illinois.

The 60-year-old McDonald’s fries

In 2020, while renovating their Crystal Lake home, a couple discovered a startling relic: a bag of McDonald’s fries from 1960. The fries were intact but had hardened and gone black. Speculation surrounding their origin, with the couple supposing they belonged to previous owners who left the property in 1961. Despite reaching out to McDonald’s, who declined, the couple decided to retain the fries as a quirky souvenir, grateful for the unexpected happiness they offered.

The Rapping Resident

In 2022, an Elmhurst resident made an unusual request to the city council: designate his unkempt yard as a nature park. Inspired by hippy culture, he wanted to safeguard bees and the environment by allowing weeds and flowers to grow. To make his case, he performed a rap to the council, combining humor and conviction. Though entertained, the council was unconvinced, praising the performance but eventually declining his plea.

The Swingers Party

In 2022, rumors spread in Burr Ridge about a clandestine swingers party held at a nearby hotel. Friends Night Out, a self-described lifestyle club, reserved various rooms for the exclusive event. While the intention was to stay discreet, rumors emerged of unusual actions such as partner switching and masked adults participating in adult games. Despite hotel management’s denial of involvement and a trustee’s disinterest, the incident attracted neighborhood interest and controversy.

Gravity-Defying Roads

Illinois has two weird roads that seem to defy physics: Gravity Hill in Prosser and Spook Hill in Yakima. These sites include areas where autos appear to roll uphill or downhill against logic. The explanations range from optical illusions to magnetic abnormalities, and others attribute the phenomena to supernatural forces. Legends abound, with stories of ghosts manipulating the roads, giving an unsettling aspect to these strange happenings.

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Illinois’ tapestry of peculiarities, both hilarious and unsettling, demonstrates its ability to capture and amaze. These anecdotes, whether humorous, terrifying, or simply odd, serve as reminders that the state’s intrigue knows no bounds, providing endless opportunities to shock and entertain.

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