Two Strange Haunted Roads In Washington Where Gravity Does Not Exist


Washington state is rich in natural beauty, cultural diversity, and historical significance. Yet, among its allure are mysteries, stories, and unexplained happenings. Among these are two well-known ghost roads where the laws of physics seem to bend and break: Gravity Hill in Prosser and Spook Hill in Yakima. These roadways have enthralled and perplexed travelers for decades, defying gravity and pushing logic. But what causes these anomalies, and how do they relate to the haunting tales around them? Here, we investigate possible causes and eerie experiences related to these perplexing roadways.

Gravity Hill: A Push from Beyond

Gravity Hill is located along North Crosby Road, about 10-15 miles north of Prosser, near an old and supposedly haunted grain elevator. A drawn line marks the location where the unusual phenomenon happens. Visitors who park their cars at this line, shift into neutral, and let go of the brakes describe experiencing an unseen force pulling them uphill. Some even report that their speedometers display acceleration as they drive up the incline. But how can that be?

According to one idea, Gravity Hill may be an optical illusion caused by the surrounding landscape and the curve of the road. Although it appears to ascend, the road actually descends, and vice versa. Hills and trees can distort the horizon, making the true level of the road more difficult to see. Thus, what appears to be defiance of gravity is actually a perceptual illusion.

Another intriguing story suggests that Gravity Hill is haunted by the spirits of a young mother and kid who were tragically killed in a car accident on the road. Legend has it that one terrible night, their vehicle broke down, and as the mother attempted to push it to safety, a speeding truck hit them, killing both of them.

It is thought that their restless souls stay on the road, seeking help or retribution by pushing cars uphill. Some travelers have tested this rumor by dusting their car hoods with flour or powder before climbing Gravity Hill, claiming to find tiny handprints at the summit. Others claim odd sounds, such as cries or a woman’s voice, reverberating along the road.

Spook Hill: A Pull from Below

Spook Hill is located along North Thorp Highway, about 10 miles west of Yakima, between a cemetery and an old schoolhouse. A sign identifies the location of the unusual phenomena. Visitors who park near this sign, change into neutral, and release the brake report experiencing an unseen force dragging them downhill. Some claim that their speedometers show deceleration as they down the slope. But how can we explain this phenomenon?

Similarly to Gravity Hill, one theory holds that Spook Hill is an optical illusion influenced by environmental circumstances. Despite appearing to be descending, the road may actually be ascending, or vice versa. Nearby features might distort the horizon, making the road’s true level more difficult to see. Thus, what looks to be defiance of gravity is only a visual trick.

Another intriguing idea holds that Spook Hill is haunted by the spirits of those buried in the local cemetery. According to local tradition, one night, a group of youngsters tried to prank a buddy by tossing a rope across the road from behind a tree. However, their joke backfired when the rope unexpectedly caught their friend’s neck, resulting in his unintentional death by hanging.

It is said that his enraged spirit is still roaming the road, attempting to draw automobiles downhill. Some adventurers have tested this legend by placing crosses or Bibles on their car dashboards before driving to Spook Hill, saying that their vehicles come to a standstill or even reverse direction. Others claim to see a mysterious figure or hear frightening screams reverberating down the road.

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Gravity Hill and Spook Hill are two of Washington’s most strange and haunting roadways, where gravity’s grasp appears to loosen. These perplexing roads call into question both natural laws and visitors’ senses of the incomprehensible and frightening. Whether these phenomena are caused by optical illusions, magnetic abnormalities, or supernatural forces is a fascinating question that has yet to be addressed. Visitors can travel to these roads to witness these events firsthand, but only at their own risk and curiosity. However, a word of caution: what awaits may exceed one’s expectations or ambitions.

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