Minnesota is Crawling With Bed Bugs; Three Cities Are Among the Worst Infested


Bed bugs are small blood-sucking insects that may penetrate homes, hotels, schools, and any other place where humans sleep. Aside from being an inconvenience, they offer health hazards by causing allergic responses, skin infections, and psychological discomfort. Eradicating them is tough because of their ability to hide in crevices and last months without eating.

According to recent Orkin pest control research, Minnesota is one of the states with the highest incidences of bed bug infestation. Minnesota has three cities in the top 50: Minneapolis-St. Paul at 11, Duluth at 35, and Rochester at 49.

High travel rates, particularly in urban areas like the Twin Cities, are contributing factors to Minnesota’s bed bug epidemic. Travelers may unintentionally bring bed bugs from contaminated areas or acquire them at hotels, airports, or public transportation. Furthermore, there is a lack of knowledge among the general public and experts, resulting in delayed discovery and inadequate control measures.

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Furthermore, handling bed bugs is complicated and expensive, necessitating a complete approach that includes inspection, treatment, and prevention. Treatment costs can vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the severity of the infestation.

How to efficiently battle bed bugs:

Education: Learn how to identify bed bugs and their indications. Sources such as the Minnesota Department of Health and the University of Minnesota Extension provide accurate information.

  • Inspection: Check your surroundings regularly for indicators of bed bugs, particularly after traveling. Inspect all bags, furnishings, and bedding thoroughly.

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  • Reporting: If bed bugs are suspected or confirmed, notify your landlord or pest control specialist right once.
  • Cooperation: Follow pest control specialists’ advice and prepare houses for treatment.
  • Prevention: To limit the chance of infestation, avoid secondhand furniture and seal cracks.


In summary, Minnesota is experiencing a significant bed bug invasion, with Minneapolis-St. Paul, Duluth, and Rochester are among the top cities with high incidence. The state’s high travel rates, lack of awareness, and the complexity of bed bug removal all contribute to the problem. Education, frequent inspections, early reporting, coordination with pest management professionals, and preventative actions to limit the risk of infestations are all required for effective bed bug control.

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