Montana is Crawling With Bed Bugs; Three Cities Are Among the Worst Infested


Bed bugs are little insects that feed on blood and are known to infest houses, hotels, and sleeping areas. They are difficult to remove and can cause irritation, allergies, and psychological anguish.

According to a recent research by Orkin, a pest management firm, Montana is one of the states with the most bed bug infestations in the United States. The survey ranked the top 50 cities based on Orkin’s bed bug treatments from January to December 2023, with three Montana towns on the list: Billings, Great Falls, and Missoula.

Billings Ranks Sixteenth Nationwide

Billings, Montana’s largest city, jumped from 25th to 16th in the nation for bed bug infections in 2022. This suggests a higher frequency of bed insect problems than in major places such as Denver, Seattle, and Boston.

Local pest management specialists explain the surge in bed bug infections in Billings to reasons such as increasing travel, a lack of knowledge, and chemical resistance. Bed bugs may quickly spread through baggage, clothing, and furniture. Many people are uninformed of how to recognize or avoid bed bugs, and they unintentionally introduce them into their homes or workplaces. Furthermore, bed bugs can resist ordinary pesticides, necessitating specialist treatments for eradication.

Missoula and Great Falls Are Included on the List

Great Falls and Missoula, two other large Montana communities, were also included on the list of the most bed bug-infested cities in the United States. Great Falls rated 41st, up from 44th in 2022, while Missoula was 47th, up from 49th in 2022. These rankings show that bed insect infestations impact not just cities, but even small and rural villages.

Bed bug incidences in Great Falls and Missoula are increasing for the same reasons as in Billings. Furthermore, the presence of military posts, colleges, and hospitals may help to attract tourists and transitory people, providing excellent homes for bed bugs.

Preventing and Treating Bedbug Infestations

Vigilance and preventive actions are essential for avoiding bed bug infestations. Here are some measures to avoid introducing bed bugs into your home or workplace:

  • Examine hotel rooms or any other lodging for indicators of bed bugs, such as live or dead bugs, blood stains, or fecal marks on bedding, furniture, or walls.
  • Keep baggage and items away from beds and other potential hiding places, and use plastic bags or coverings as protection.
  • When you come home, rinse and dry your clothes at high temperatures and vacuum your bags and belongings.
  • Check your home regularly for symptoms of bed bugs, particularly in the bedroom, and use mattress and box spring encasements for protection.
  • If bed bugs are detected, avoid attempting self-treatment, since this may exacerbate the problem. Contact a professional pest control firm that specializes in bed bug treatments and follow their recommendations.

Bed bugs are a big and growing problem in Montana and elsewhere. Individuals may reduce their exposure to these pests and their impacts by being aware and taking measures.


In conclusion, bed bug infestations are a serious and developing problem in Montana, especially in places like Billings, Great Falls, and Missoula, as indicated by the recent Orkin study. The spike is caused by several factors, including greater travel, a lack of knowledge, and pesticide resistance.

To address this issue, vigilance, preventative measures, and expert pest management are essential. Since bed bugs affect both larger cities and smaller towns, it is critical to raise public awareness and take preventative measures to lessen the effects of these invasive pests.

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