Georgia is Crawling With Bed Bugs; Three Cities Are Among the Worst Infested


Bed bugs are small bugs that feed on blood and can be found in houses, hotels, and places where people sleep. They can irritate the skin, cause rashes, and make people feel bad. Even though they don’t spread disease, getting rid of them is hard because they can hide in cracks and go months without eating.

A new study from the pest control company Orkin says that Georgia is one of the states with the most bed bugs. Based on the number of treatments given, the study places cities. Atlanta comes in at No. 9, Savannah at No. 28, and Augusta at No. 45.

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What Causes Bed Bugs to Be So Common in Georgia?

Several things may play a role:

Climate: Georgia’s warm, humid summers and mild winters make it a great place for bed bugs to reproduce all year long.

Travel: Georgia, especially the busy Atlanta airport, gets a lot of tourists and business visitors who may bring bed bugs with them from places where they are already present.

People: Cities with more than 10 million people are very crowded, making it easy for bed bugs to move from one place to another in flats, condos, and dorms.

Awareness: Lack of knowledge about bed bug symptoms and signs, along with an unwillingness to report or get professional help, slows down the process of finding and treating the problem.

Preventing and Managing Bed Bug Infestations in Georgia

The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) says the following:

  • Inspect: Check your sleeping areas often for bed bug signs. Before and after a trip, check your bags and personal belongings.
  • Protect: To keep bed bugs out, use encasements, interceptors, or other tools. Hot water is used to wash and dry sheets, clothes, and fabrics.
  • Treat: When you find an infestation, don’t try to treat it yourself; instead, call a skilled pest control expert. Do what they say and work with them during the healing process.
  • Raise Awareness: DPH, CDC, or EPA are good places to learn about bed bugs. Share what you know with others and tell the right people about bugs.

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We can successfully stop and control bed bug infestations in Georgia by making people more aware of the problem and getting the pest control business, health officials, and the public to work together.


To solve Georgia’s widespread bed bug problem, a proactive approach that includes public education, coordination with pest control specialists, and adherence to preventive measures is required. Georgia’s environment, increased travel, dense population, and lack of knowledge all contribute to the problem, emphasizing the need for a collaborative effort to properly manage and reduce bed bug infestations.

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