Here Are The Five Wyoming Towns, People Are Fleeing As Soon As Possible


Wyoming is known for its natural beauty, sparse population, and low tax rates. However, not all towns in the Cowboy State provide an equally desirable living environment. Certain towns face economic downturns, environmental obstacles, or societal issues, making them less appealing to prospective residents. The five Wyoming towns listed below are suffering severe population reduction, according to the most recent census statistics and local sources.

1. Rock Springs

Rock Springs, in southern Wyoming, was formerly a prominent coal mining and railroad city. However, the fall of the coal sector has had a negative impact on the town, resulting in job losses and decreased revenue. Since 2010, the town’s population has decreased by 9.4%, making it Wyoming’s fastest-shrinking town. Furthermore, Rock Springs has a high crime rate, gaining the dubious distinction of being Wyoming’s most dangerous town in 2020, with 1,027 violent and property crimes per 100,000 residents.

2. Rawlins

Rawlins, located in south-central Wyoming, is the county seat of Carbon County. The town’s economy is primarily dependent on the nearby Wyoming State Penitentiary, which employs roughly 500 people. Nonetheless, Rawlins faces economic monoculture, declining population numbers, and a high cost of living. Since 2010, its population has declined by 6.8%, while the typical home value is $157,900, 22% greater than the state average. Furthermore, Rawlins has a high poverty rate, with 16.4% of the population living below the poverty level.

3. Thermopolis

Thermopolis, located in north-central Wyoming, is well-known for its hot springs and dinosaur fossils, which draw visitors to attractions such as Hot Springs State Park, the Wyoming Dinosaur Center, and Wind River Canyon. However, the town is dealing with diminishing tourism, limited infrastructure, and a low quality of life. Since 2010, its population has decreased by 6.5%, and the median family income of $41,250 is 24% less than the state average. Additionally, Thermopolis has a high unemployment rate, with 7.2% of residents unemployed.

4. Kammerer

J.C. Penney, the retail chain’s founder, was born in Kemmerer, western Wyoming. The town’s economy is mostly based on coal mining and power generating. However, the closing of major coal mines and power facilities has had a significant impact on Kemmerer, resulting in employment losses and revenue deficiencies. Since 2010, the town’s population has declined by 5.9%, and the median family income is $54,583, which is 10% less than the state average. Furthermore, Kemmerer bears a high tax burden, with a 6% sales tax and a 0.64% property tax rate.

5. Wheatland

Wheatland, located in southeastern Wyoming and the county seat of Platte County, is mostly an agricultural community, producing wheat and cattle. However, the community is dealing with drought, low commodity prices, and competition from larger farms. Since 2010, the population has declined by 5.3%, while the typical home value is $164,600, 25% greater than the state average. Wheatland also trails in educational attainment, with only 17.8% of residents having a bachelor’s degree or more.

In Summary

To summarize, while Wyoming is known for its natural beauty and low tax rates, not every town in the state provides an equally pleasant living environment. The towns of Rock Springs, Rawlins, Thermopolis, Kemmerer, and Wheatland are currently facing enormous challenges, including economic downturns, environmental hurdles, and sociological issues, which are resulting in dramatic population reductions. Factors such as the fall of the coal sector, economic monoculture, declining tourism, and agricultural challenges all contribute to the population declines of these towns. Furthermore, concerns such as high crime rates, poverty, unemployment, and a lower level of educational attainment reduce their attraction to potential residents. Despite Wyoming’s general appeal, these communities have continuous challenges that limit their attractiveness as locations to resides.

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