Here is the Most Haunted Road in California May Give You Nightmares


California is famous for its beautiful beaches, Hollywood glitz, and diverse culture. But it also has a darker side, full of eerie legends and strange occurrences. Among the many haunting locales in the Golden State, Highway 299 stands out as the most horrific.

What is Highway 299?

Highway 299 is a picturesque highway that connects Arcata on the Pacific coast to Alturas near the Nevada border. It traverses through some of Northern California’s most picturesque and inaccessible places, including as the Trinity Alps, Shasta-Trinity National Forest, and Modoc Plateau. It also passes through numerous historic communities, including Weaverville, Burney, and Fall River Mills.

However, Highway 299 offers more than simply a scenic and adventurous route. It is also a path of dread and mystery. For decades, truckers and passengers have claimed unusual and scary experiences on this roadway, making it one of the most haunted in California.

What are the Haunted Stories on Highway 299?

There are countless legends and stories about Highway 299, but here are some of the more disturbing ones:

The Phantom Hitchhiker: One of the most prevalent sightings on Highway 299 is a phantom hitchhiker, who is typically a young woman dressed in white. She appears by the side of the road, waving for assistance, but when vehicles arrive to pick her up, she vanishes into thin air. Some claim she is the spirit of a woman who died in a vehicle accident on her wedding day, while others believe she is the victim of a serial murderer who discarded her body on the highway.

The Headless Biker: Another common sight on Highway 299 is a headless biker who speeds past automobiles, leaving a trail of sparks behind him. He is thought to be the soul of a biker who was beheaded by pranksters using a wire placed across the road in the 1950s. He is claimed to seek vengeance on those responsible for his death, as well as anybody who stands in his way.

The Ghostly Children: A bridge over the Pit River in Burney has been the site of many drownings throughout the years. Their ghosts are reported to haunt the bridge and its surroundings, wailing and laughing at night. Some motorists have reported seeing them playing on the road or hearing them knock on their windows. Others have felt chilly hands on them or heard whispering in their ear.

The Skinwalker: The skinwalker, a shape-shifting entity from Native American tradition, is one of the most fearsome entities that haunt Highway 299. It is supposed to be able to shift into any animal or person, as well as possess magical abilities. It is also described as nasty and malevolent, preying on its victims’ dread and agony. Drivers have claimed to have witnessed it transform from a deer to a wolf or a man to a bear right in front of their eyes. Some people have even reported that it attacked them or left claw marks on their autos.

How Do I Drive on Highway 299?

If you are bold enough to go down Highway 299, you should be aware of the perils that await you. Here are some pointers to help you endure this scary journey.

  • Drive during the day; avoid driving at night, especially on a full moon.
  • Keep your windows rolled up and your doors shut, and do not pull over for anybody or anything on the road.
  • Do not pick up hitchhikers or offer them rides, even if they appear innocent or in need of assistance.
  • Do not glance behind or turn around if you see or hear anything strange or frightening on the road.
  • Do not provoke or challenge any spirits or animals you may come across on the trip, and do not attempt to converse with them.
  • Pray, carry a lucky charm or any other thing that can shield you from bad energies.


In conclusion, California’s Highway 299, while known for its breathtaking beauty, has a terrible reputation for phantom hitchhikers, headless motorcyclists, ghostly children, and evil skinwalkers. To properly negotiate the scary journey, adventurers exploring this ghostly path should drive during daylight hours, avoid encounters, and take precautions.

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