This City in Delaware Has Been Named the High Drug Trafficking in the State


Delaware is a small state with a population of around one million. It is well-known for its chemical manufacturing industry and liberal tax laws. However, it has a high crime rate, ranking twentieth in the country for both violent and property offenses. Seaford is very violent and implicated in drug trafficking.

Seaford: the Most Dangerous City in Delaware

According to the FBI’s 2023 crime report, Seaford is the most hazardous city in Delaware, with a crime index of one out of 100, indicating that it is just 1% safer than other communities in the country. The violent crime rate in Seaford is 9.82 per 1,000 inhabitants, while the property crime rate is 50.42 per 1,000 residents.

The likelihood of becoming a victim of violent crime in Seaford is 1 in 102, compared to 1 in 238 throughout Delaware. The chances of becoming a victim of property crime in Seaford are one in twenty, compared to one in fifty-one across Delaware.

Seaford has a population of 8,516 and the demographics are as follows:

  • White Americans: 57.1%.
  • Black Americans: 29.9%.
  • Hispanics: 8.8%.
  • The median household income is $55,162.
  • People in poverty: 16.1%
  • Unemployment rate is 6.4%.

Seaford: the Hub of Drug Trafficking in Delaware

Seaford is not just Delaware’s most violent city, but it also serves as the state’s drug trafficking powerhouse. In November 2020, Delaware State Police launched a large-scale narcotics investigation known as “Operation Dawg House.” The operation targeted the George Johnson Drug Trafficking Organization, with George Johnson, 40, of Bridgeville, named as the organization’s leader.

The investigation discovered that Johnson and his friends were in charge of trafficking massive amounts of heroin, fentanyl, cocaine, and marijuana across Sussex County, Delaware, and nearby regions. The medications came from suppliers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and Baltimore, Maryland. The group also employed violence, intimidation, and guns to conceal its illicit actions.

In April 2023, Delaware State Police reported that they had arrested 28 members of the group, including Johnson, and recovered over 12 kilos of heroin, 3 kilograms of fentanyl, 3 kilograms of cocaine, 25 pounds of marijuana, 22 guns, and more than $264,000 in cash. However, four members of the group, including Johnson, remained at large and were deemed armed and dangerous.


Delaware, despite its tiny size, confronts substantial issues, especially in Seaford, the state’s most hazardous city. Seaford stands out as a hotbed for criminal activity due to its high crime rate and prevalence of drug trafficking. The FBI’s 2023 crime report has troubling numbers that show the city is just 1% safer than the national average.

The Operation Dawg House investigation uncovered Seaford’s position as a drug trafficking hub, resulting in arrests and the seizure of illicit drugs. While law enforcement operations have made progress, the continued presence of armed and dangerous individuals highlights the community’s ongoing issues.

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