Forest Acres Shooting: One Dead, Another Injured at the Landings Apartments


The Forest Acres Police Department reported that one South Carolina man was killed and another was injured in a shooting on Tuesday night. According to a news release issued Wednesday by the Richland County Coroner’s Office, the victim who died was 22-year-old Columbia resident Mekhi Courtney.

According to the announcement, Forest Acres police were contacted by the Columbia Police Department around 8 p.m. Tuesday that two individuals had been shot and were being transported to a local hospital. Columbia police reported that the victims were shot in the parking lot of The Landings apartment complex, which is under the jurisdiction of the Forest Acres Police Department. Courtney died at the hospital, according to the announcement.

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Forest Acres police said the other victim, a Lexington resident, is still in the hospital recovering. More information about the Lexington man’s condition was not provided. No other injuries were reported.

Officers from Forest Acres and Columbia police arrived at The Landings and discovered evidence of a shooting in a parking lot, according to the release. The complex is located at 3431 Covenant Road in the Forest Acres neighborhood of Columbia.

Neighbors reported hearing a disturbance shortly after 7 p.m., but Forest Acres police said they had received no 911 calls about the event from neighbors, witnesses, or the two victims. The males did not live at the complex or in Forest Acres, according to the announcement. There was no information available concerning the victims’ activities at the apartment complex.

There was no news on the shooter or shooters, or who else was involved in the gunfire. There was no word on what might have prompted the shooting. No arrests have been recorded, but police are still investigating.

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This is not the first fatal shooting at the residential complex. In January 2023, a woman shot and killed an unknown male who entered her residence, according to Forest Acres police. According to police, The Landings at Forest Acres is the same apartment complex where a Columbia man was shot and murdered while driving a car in February 2022.

That was Forest Acres’ first homicide since Officer Greg Alia was shot and killed on September 30, 2015, according to police.

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