Discover The 10 Poorest Cities In New Mexico For 2024


Tony and Truth or Consequences for 2024, based on Saturday Night Science, are the poorest places in New Mexico.

New Mexico has places that are having a hard time, just like every other state. In these parts of New Mexico, more than the average number of people are poor, unemployed, or not getting as much money as they should.

Even though the economy is getting better, it’s still important to look at the places in each state that are having a hard time. In order to find the cheapest places in New Mexico, we set out.

To do this, we used Saturday Night Science to look at the most recent American Community Survey data from the Census for 34 New Mexico towns with more than 5,000 people.

The 10 Poorest Places In New Mexico For 2024:

  • Anthony
  • Truth or Consequences
  • Tucumcari
  • Las Vegas
  • Deming
  • Belen
  • Aztec

1. Anthony

Joseph, NM

  • SnackAbility as a Whole 2/10
  • It has 8,708 people.
  • Rank: 1 (Same as Last Year)
  • The median income is $27,406 (the least).
  • Rate of Poverty: 37.0% (highest)
  • 3,217 people are poor.

Anthony, New Mexico, is the poorest place in the state because there aren’t enough jobs and wage rates are low.

The city of 8,708 people has the lowest median family income and the highest rate of poverty in New Mexico. Being in the bottom 15% of places in the state when it comes to cost of living means that things like rent are pretty cheap.

2. Truth or Consequences

Truth Or Consequences, NM

  • SnackAbility as a Whole 5/10
  • That’s 6,030 people.
  • Rank from the previous year: 2
  • Mean income: $28,685 (second-lowest)
  • Rate of Poverty: 30.0% (4th highest)
  • 1,807 People Are Poor

True or False is the second poorest city in New Mexico.

The city has the fourth most poor people and the second lowest median family income in the country. Even so, the jobless rate is “only” the 30th highest in the Land of Enchantment.

3. Tucumcari

New Mexico’s Tucumcari

  • SnackAbility as a Whole 5/10
  • 5,206 people live there.
  • Rank: 6 (Up 3) Last Year
  • Income in the middle: $34,424 (4th lowest)
  • Rate of Poverty: 30.2% (3rd highest)
  • 1,573 people are poor.
  • Data on Tucumcari and more

Tucumcari has the fourth lowest annual income and is the third poorest city in the state.

That means the economy has gotten a lot better from second place on our list to third. With a poverty rate of 30.23 percent, it’s one of the lowest in the state.
Even though people in the city don’t make a lot of money, the low cost of living pays for it. You can spend the money you do make here more wisely than in most other parts of the Land of Enchantment.

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4. Las Vegas

New Mexico’s Las Vegas

  • Overall Ability to Snack 5 /10
  • Number of people: 13,194
  • Rank: 3 (Down 1) Last Year
  • $8th lowest median income at $39,558
  • Rate of Poverty: 31.2% (second highest)
  • 4,115 people are poor.
  • Las Vegas: Crime Rates, Cost of Living, and More

It is the fourth poorest place in New Mexico to live in Las Vegas.

The town has the eighth lowest median family income in the state and the second most people living in poverty.

That being said, the city still has a lot of culture diversity because it has so many events all year long.

5. Deming

Deming, NM

  • Overall, SnackAbility gets a 4/10.
  • Number of people: 14,756
  • Rank: 4 (Down 1) Last Year
  • 3rd lowest median income, at $33,548
  • Rate of Poverty: 24.1% (10th highest)
  • 3,557 people are poor.

Des Moines is the fifth poorest city in New Mexico.

It is the third lowest income in the state in this city. But because the cost of living is so low, a lot of people can’t live in poverty. In fact, New Mexico has the 10th lowest poverty rate in the country.

It’s still not good news for Deming.

6. Belen

Belen, New Mexico

  • Overall snackability 5 /10
  • No. of people: 7,367
  • Rank: 13 (Up 7) Last Year
  • $7th lowest median income, at $38,838
  • Rate of Poverty: 25.0% (8th highest)
  • 1,843 people are poor.

This town is the sixth poorest in the Land of Enchantment.
The rate of poverty is the eighth highest, and the rate of jobless is the seventh highest.

7. Aztec

Aztec, New Mexico

  • SnackAbility as a Whole 5/10
  • Number of people: 6,214
  • Rank: 10 (Up 3) Last Year
  • The average income was $45,846 ($13th lowest).
  • Rate of Poverty: 29.1% (6th highest)
  • 1,808 People Are Poor

The seventh poorest city in New Mexico is Aztec.

With over 6,214 people, the city has the sixth most poor people in the state. The cost of living is very low, though, which helps pay the bills every month.

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