States With The Highest And Lowest Rent In The US For January 2024


Sky21– On Saturday Night Science, they said that Hawaii, California, and Massachusetts will have the most expensive rent in January 2024.

So, today we wanted to focus on housing data, especially the states with the highest rent. This could be the most important piece of information out of all of those we’ve already talked about.

This is one of the few analyses we don’t use Census data for. Instead, we got our data from ApartmentList, which has the most up-to-date and correct information on rents across the country. It was the Rental Listings –> Overall –> State data set that we were interested in.

We took the rental data and ranked the states from best to lowest. New York came in far ahead of California.

In what U.S. state does rent cost the most?

The most current data from ApartmentList shows that Hawaii has the highest rent in the United States, at $2,203 a month.

Where in the United States does the rent cost the least?

Most people pay $870 a month for rent in South Dakota, which is the state with the lowest rent.

Most of the time, rent is less expensive in the South and Midwest than on the coasts. While there is more land and less desire, rent goes down.

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Here’s how we found the states with the highest and lowest rents in January 2024:

It’s been more than four years since we ranked states and towns, and every time we need data, we start by taking a stroll through the American Community Survey.

As we already said, though, we’ve made an exception for rates because there is another source we trust that has much more up-to-date information: ApartmentList.

ApartmentList gives monthly information on rent prices in the United States by state, some counties, and some towns. We don’t have records from January 2024 to present because reports aren’t always made on time.

That’s not like the Census data, which only goes back to 2022 and was released in December 2023. ApartmentList is much more up-to-date.

So, using ApartmentList’s data, we found the median rent for Rental Listings –> Median Rent Overall –> State.

Finally, we put each state in order from most expensive to least expensive for median rent.

Hawaii was the state where rent was the most expensive.

There is a great deal in South Dakota and West Virginia.

Check out the top ten below, or scroll down for a more in-depth table broken down by state. We also made separate charts and plots for each state’s data.

In Summary

Saturday Night Science talked about Hawaii, California, and Massachusetts as the places with the highest rents in January 2024. ApartmentList gave us the most exact and up-to-date rental information we could find so we could learn more about this important housing issue. ApartmentList gave a more thorough picture than the Census data by ranking states by median rent. It was found that Hawaii had the most expensive rent, at $2,203 a month on average. South Dakota, on the other hand, had the lowest rent at $870. In general, rents are cheaper in the South and Midwest than along the coast because there is more land available and less demand.

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