Discover 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Greene County, Missouri


Greene County, Missouri, located in the state’s southwestern portion, has a population of around 293,086 people as of 2019. This county is home to Springfield, Missouri’s third-largest city, and has the state’s fourth-highest population density.

Nonetheless, Greene County’s crime rate exceeds the national average. The reported crime rate in 2019 was 4,654.9 for property crimes and 589.2 for violent crimes per 100,000 inhabitants. However, the level of safety varies greatly between Greene County communities.

Some areas are less attractive to reside or visit due to high levels of crime and violence.

We compiled a list of Greene County’s five most troubled neighborhoods using data from SpotCrime, an organization that monitors and maps crime incidents in Springfield and other urban areas.

1. Robberson

Robberson is a densely populated low-income area northeast of downtown Springfield that borders Division Street, Glenstone Avenue, Commercial Street, and National Avenue. It has a high number of public housing and apartment complexes.

This region has the most recorded crimes in Greene County, with 175 as of August 2023. During these events, 49 thefts, 38 assaults, 29 vandalism cases, 22 burglaries, 18 shootings, 11 robberies, 6 narcotics crimes, and two arsons were reported.

2. West Central

The West Central region is located in western Springfield, between Chestnut Expressway and Kansas Expressway, as well as Grand Street and Campbell Avenue. This area, which goes back to the city’s founding, is rich in historic buildings and landmarks.

Unfortunately, 113 crimes were reported in August 2023, contributing to the area’s typically high crime rate. There are 28 assaults, 25 thefts, 18 burglaries, 15 vandalism, 10 robberies, 9 gunshots, 6 drug-related offenses, and 6 arsons.

3. Grant Beach

Grant Beach, located north of downtown Springfield, is bounded on the north by Division Street, the Kansas Expressway, Commercial Street, and Glenstone Avenue. This area is a cultural melting pot, with immigrants and refugees living alongside low-income citizens.

The region appears to be relatively criminal, with 121 reported crimes in August 2023. These included 32 thefts, 24 assaults, 21 vandalism, 16 burglaries, 11 gunshots, 8 narcotics crimes, 6 robberies, and 3 arsons.

4. Springfield Downtown

Springfield’s downtown sector, known as the Heart of Springfield, is located at the intersection of Chestnut Expressway, Sunshine Street, Glenstone Avenue, and the Kansas Expressway. This is where the city’s governance, culture, and entertainment come together.

Regrettably, it is also Greene County’s crime center. In August 2023, an alarming 153 crimes were recorded, including 41 thefts, 30 assaults, 23 vandalism cases, 18 burglaries, 16 shootings, 12 robberies, 10 drug-related offenses, and 3 arsons.

5. Midtown

Midtown is a mixed-use neighborhood south of downtown Springfield, bounded by Grand Street, National Avenue, Sunshine Street, and Campbell Avenue. It is home to residences, schools, and churches.

Despite this, 131 crimes were recorded in August 2023, indicating that it is also a hotspot for criminal activity. Overall, there have been 36 thefts, 28 assaults, 19 vandalism cases, 16 burglaries, 13 shootings, 8 robberies, 4 arsons, and 7 drug-related robberies.


To summarize, while Greene County, Missouri, includes the lively metropolis of Springfield, crime rates vary greatly throughout its communities. Robberson, West Central, Grant Beach, Springfield Downtown, and Midtown have high crime rates, highlighting the significance of local knowledge, community participation, and focused actions to improve safety.

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