This Alaska City Has Been the Most Dangerous Place to Live in the State


Alaska has a well-deserved reputation for magnificent natural beauty, but it is not without risks. Life on the Last Frontier is not always simple; there are many unexpected problems, such as deadly creatures and harsh weather.

However, the amount of threat differs per city. According to recent FBI statistics, certain Alaskan communities are more riskier than others. You won’t want to miss this post since it will tell which city in Alaska has been deemed the most dangerous and explain why.

Anchorage is the Deadliest City in Alaska

Anchorage, Alaska’s largest and most populous city, is the most dangerous place in the state. Anchorage is home to around 288,000 people, accounting for more than 40% of Alaska’s total population. Tourists, businesses, and immigrants converge on this metropolis, which serves as Alaska’s cultural and economic hub.

However, Anchorage must contend with a high crime rate, particularly severe offenses. According to FBI data, Anchorage’s violent crime rate in 2018 was 11.40 incidents per 1,000 inhabitants. This figure is greater than the national average (3.69 per 1,000 people) and the state average (8.23 per 1,000 people). Violent crimes include murder, rape, robbery, and serious assault.

Anchorage’s property crime rate is disturbingly high, with 34.55 incidences per 1,000 people. Both the state and national averages are less than this figure, at 24.87 and 22.0 per 1,000 people, respectively. Burglary, larceny-theft, and car theft are all types of property crimes.

Many factors contribute to Anchorage’s high crime rate, including low income, a shortage of housing, substance abuse, mental illness, domestic violence, and gang involvement. To make matters worse, the city is failing to address these systemic issues through enough social services and law enforcement.

Ensure Your Safety in Anchorage

Residents and tourists to Anchorage must take precautions to limit their chances of becoming victims of crime. Several pointers:

  • Instead of going out alone at night or in an unfamiliar area, use the bus or a ridesharing.
  • When leaving your home or automobile, always lock the doors and windows and take care to preserve your belongings.
  • Never let your guard down; if you see anything out of the norm, contact the police immediately.
  • Avoid activities like prostitution, gambling, and drug usage. If you or someone you care about is suffering from substance addiction, mental illness, or domestic violence, get assistance.

Cordova, the Safest Place in Alaska

In contrast, Cordova, Alaska, a tranquil coastal village of about 2,200 inhabitants, has been rated Alaska’s safest city. Cordova has no cases of murder, rape, robbery, or severe assault in 2018, according to the city’s astoundingly low violent crime rate of 0.00 per 1,000 residents. In addition, the town’s property crime rate was 4.54 per 1,000 inhabitants, far lower than the state and national norms.

Cordova is a tiny Alaskan town that relies heavily on fishing and tourism to generate revenue. The town’s high percentage of civic participation and robust foundation


In conclusion, while Alaska is well-known for its natural beauty, it is critical to be aware of the differing degrees of safety in different cities. Anchorage comes out as the most dangerous, with high crime rates linked to socioeconomic variables. Cordova, on the other hand, demonstrates safety by promoting community interaction and relying on fishing and tourism for income.

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