This College in Wyoming Has Been One of the Worst College in the State


Wyoming’s nine colleges and universities are largely public, with few higher education opportunities. The quality and achievements of these institutions, however, varies. Facts Verse, a website that provides lists and videos on a variety of topics, recently ranked schools and institutions in the United States. Laramie County Community College (LCCC) was at the bottom of the Wyoming college rankings.

Dismal Employment and Graduation Rates

LCCC is often regarded as Wyoming’s poorest college due to its startlingly low graduation rate. Facts According to Verse, LCCC has a poor graduation rate of 25.9%. This means that, considerably below the national average of 62% for community colleges, fewer than 25% of its students complete their degree programs within the traditional six-year period of study.

Another factor for LCCC’s low ranking is its poor job placement rate. Compared to the national average of 90% for community colleges, data suggest that only 86% of LCCC graduates find jobs immediately following graduation. Furthermore, the state’s median income is $34,900, although LCCC grads’ average starting salary is $30,600.

Debt and High Loan Default Rates

The combination of LCCC’s high student debt and loan default rate has badly harmed the college’s reputation. The loan default rate at LCCC is 16%, which implies that 16% of LCCC borrowers do not repay their debts within three years following graduation. This percentage, at 19.1%, is much higher than the national average for community colleges.

In addition, LCCC graduates have an average debt load of $18,000, which is more than the national average of $15,000 for community schools. As a result, LCCC students pay more for their education while receiving less value.


Finally, Laramie County Community College (LCCC) in Wyoming confronts major issues, receiving the lowest rating among the state’s institutions. With a very low graduation rate, below-average job placement, high student debt, and an alarming loan default rate, LCCC fails to offer value and favorable outcomes for its students.

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