California’s 10 Best Cities for Singles Seeking Fun and Independence in 2024


Living a single life in California is rather enjoyable, especially if you know which location to call home. Whether you’re wanting to mingle or not, the greatest cities for singles in California have something for you. To establish which cities in the Golden State are best for single riders, we considered the median age of the people, the amount of recreational possibilities, and the vitality of the local social scene.

Whether you’re traveling alone to recover from a breakup or simply enjoying your newfound independence, these are the locations to be.

1. Oakland

Oakland is the ideal blend of metropolitan life and calm suburbia, with its vibrant social scene, diversified cuisine, and local art. As one of the greatest cities for singles, this East Bay location has gained popularity over the last decade or two due to its appealing combination of relatively affordable housing and accessibility to other big NorCal cities.

2. Manhattan Beach

Manhattan Beach has the laid-back SoCal beach lifestyle—admire the beautiful homes, boutiques, and gorgeous 20-something singles while sipping a refreshing drink at one of Manhattan’s many cafés and eateries. If you’re seeking oceanside nightlife, Manhattan is the place to go. After hours of sunbathing, lunch with the ladies at The Strand House. The ambiance and cuisine will make you swoon.

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3. San Francisco

If you have the means to enjoy San Francisco, it is unquestionably one of the best cities for singles. For starters, it is practically impossible to become bored when living here. Whether you’re a foodie who likes to try a new restaurant every weekend or an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking, biking, and skating, the green city of San Francisco has something for everyone.

4. San Diego

San Diego offers high-paying professions, top-tier academic campuses, and fantastic day-to-night entertainment possibilities. When you add in a variety of exciting activities, you’ll have lots of date ideas—this Southern California scene isn’t one of the worst for singles.

5. Berkeley

Berkeley is one of the best places to meet educated, considerate people who genuinely want the best for the world. Keep in mind that a sizable chunk of the city is liberal and prefers to surround itself with others who hold similar views. If that isn’t a concern for you, you’ll enjoy networking and socializing with like-minded residents.

6. West Hollywood

Los Angeles is one of the top places for single women and men. However, West Hollywood—also known as WeHo—stands out for its stable economy and employment opportunities in the information technology, food, and hospitality sectors. The majority of people who live and work in this Los Angeles area are between the ages of 20 and 40.

7. Hermosa Beach

If you want to have a typical Southern California seaside experience, Hermosa Beach is the place to go. You’ll enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and busy nightlife, as well as the beach volleyball courts and skateboarders. Hermosa Beach, located in the South Bay, has similar benefits as Manhattan Beach, but at a lower cost.

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8. Santa Barbara

Similar to San Francisco, enjoying the solitary life in Santa Barbara comes with a high cost. We chose this sunny SoCal city because of its consistently high-ranking community colleges—single students rejoice. The magnificent beaches, huge mountains, rising job platforms, and safe sense of community are incredible features that cannot be topped.

9. Santa Cruz

Surf City is often regarded as one of the state’s healthiest and happiest cities. It turns out that it’s one of the greatest cities for single men and women. The laid-back town is certainly not one of the worst towns for dating, but the dating scene is more casual than serious. If that isn’t what you’re looking for, sunny Santa Cruz may not have what you need.

10. Santa Monica

Santa Monica leads the list of greatest cities for singles. This gorgeous coastal city wonderfully mixes the tranquil seaside lifestyle with the bustling sense of Downtown Los Angeles, which many singles find appealing. There is a vibrant nightlife scene, a popular beach, and numerous walkable neighborhoods.


California shines as a golden refuge for singles, with a mix of metropolitan activity and tranquil beachfront. Each city, from Oakland’s artistic pulse to Santa Monica’s coastal charm, offers a distinct slice of paradise for lone travelers. With plenty of options for socializing, recreation, and personal growth, California’s greatest cities for singles are more than just locations to live; they’re also places to thrive in isolation or companionship.

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