In 2024, Discover the Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Washington With Rising Crime Rates!


Today, we’ll look at the Ten cities in Washington state that are experiencing crime problems. Washington, known for its magnificent mountains and Seattle’s dynamic culture, is facing some issues, according to Property Club. These cities are battling with concerns such as homelessness and drug use.

The list highlights areas with high crime rates, which make streets hazardous. It serves as a reminder of how much work is required to address these challenges and help communities. As Washingtonians work together to address these concerns, there is promise for a safer, brighter future across the state.


1. Lakewood

Lakewood, located southwest of Tacoma, has a local crime rate 138% higher than the national average. Lakewood faces homelessness and urban deterioration in 2022, with over 3,000 property offenses and close to 500 violent events.

2. Tukwila

Tukwila is Washington’s most hazardous city, with a crime rate that is 631% more than the national average. Tukwila, home to 21,798 individuals, will face 165 violent crimes and 3,341 property crimes in 2023, including burglary and robbery. The proximity to Seattle exacerbates concerns of homelessness and drug addiction, confirming its status as the state’s worst urban area.

3. Fife

Fife, a Tacoma suburb, has a crime rate 488% higher than the national average. With a population of 11,000, Fife will see multiple drive-by shootings and homicides in 2023, adding to its reputation as one of Washington’s most hazardous areas.

4. Shelton

Shelton, on Puget Sound’s western side, has a 66% higher crime rate than the national average, with theft and assault being the most common offenses. Despite its gorgeous environment, Shelton recorded one murder and three robberies in 2022, contributing to Washington’s crime rate.

5. Union Gap

Union Gap is an economic hotspot in Yakima Valley with a 164% higher crime rate than the national average. Property crime reigns dominant in 2022, with countless thefts and four recorded murders.

6. SeaTac

SeaTac, located near Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, has a crime rate that is 176% higher than the national average. Break-ins and thefts are common, with three murders, fifty robberies, and eighty-six assaults recorded in the last year.

7. Toppenish

Toppenish, which is located on the Yakama Indian Reservation, has a total crime rate that is 200% higher than the national average. Poverty, unemployment, and drug addiction exacerbate its crime problem, with 569 property crimes and 47 violent crimes documented in 2022.

8. Tacoma

Tacoma, a city on Puget Sound, has a crime rate 237% greater than the national average, with 30 murders and 518 robberies in 2022. Despite its picturesque backdrop, the port city struggles with ongoing challenges of violence and property crime.

9. Spokane

Spokane, a city located amid the Rocky Mountains, has a 132% higher crime rate than the national average. Property crime is common, with over 10,600 occurrences reported and 14 murders, making it one of Washington’s most dangerous cities.

10. Seattle

Seattle, Washington’s largest city, has a crime rate 149% higher than the national average, fueled by homelessness and drug addiction. Car thefts and small crimes are rampant, with 41 murders and 1,736 robberies reported in 2022.

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