Revealed: The 10 Places You Don’t Want to Call Home in Minnesota


A new study conducted by Road Snacks revealed surprising findings concerning the worst areas to live in Minnesota. The study looked at 145 cities and towns with populations of 5,000 or more to see which ones fell short in terms of basic living standards. Education quality, crime rates, housing standards, income levels, and commuting durations were all considered for determining overall livability.

By researching Census and FBI crime figures, Road Snacks identified the top ten locations that lack these critical components for a desirable living environment. Residents in the Land of 10,000 Lakes were taken aback when local towns appeared on this undesired list. Stay tuned for further information on this startling finding.

1. Virginia

Virginia, Minnesota, has been ranked as the tenth worst place to live in the state. Despite being renowned as the hometown of actor Chris Pratt, the community suffers economic issues such as low income, poor housing values, and high unemployment.

2. St. Cloud

St. Cloud, which is ranked ninth on the list, has high crime rates, according to FBI data. This issue has had a substantial impact on the town’s rankings.

3. Faribault

Faribault is ranked eighth in terms of job and education, with Road Snacks rating the schools as “mediocre at best”. These issues contribute to its ranking among the worst places to live in Minnesota.

4. Fridley

According to Road Snacks’ research, Fridley is ranked seventh primarily because of its higher crime rate, which exceeds even St. Cloud.

5. Little Canada

According to Road Snacks, Little Canada is the sixth worst location to live in Minnesota due to financial issues and a high percentage of property crime.

6. Brooklyn Center

Brooklyn Center is first in the top five, despite having high crime rates and a poor educational system. Although the economy is strong, it is insufficient to address these concerns.

7. Bemidji

Bemidji ranks fourth, with the highest crime rate per capita in the state, according to FBI data. Road Snacks also observes severe unemployment and poor income levels in the neighborhood.

8. Red Wing

Red Wing ranks third because of its crime rate and economic circumstances, which Road Snacks identifies as contributing to citizens’ lower-than-average economic position.

9. Waite Park

Waite Park has been named the worst place to live in Minnesota, with property crimes and a low average household income contributing to its top spot on the list of worst places to live in the state.

10. Brainerd

Finally, Brainerd has been ranked the second worst place to live in Minnesota. According to Road Snacks, it has the lowest average household income in the state and a high number of unemployed Americans.

Final Words

Finally, the study challenges the idea that Minnesota is an affluent state by showing the harsh realities of some communities. Even in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, many face economic hardship, educational issues, and safety worries. Addressing the root reasons and fostering inclusive communities are essential when communities struggle with these difficulties. The spotlight on small areas may be uncomfortable, but it opens the door for debate, intervention, and reform, ensuring that Minnesota’s high living standards apply across the state.


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