Discover the Best Doughnuts in Colorado in 2024


The state of Colorado has beautiful scenery and a history of food innovation. Recently, the best cakes in Colorado have become a big hit with people all over the state.

These sweet treats, which you can find in local restaurants, have become the best in the Centennial State. From traditional glazes to new flavor combinations, these doughnuts have won over the hearts and taste buds of Coloradans, giving them a reputation that goes beyond just being sweet.

Come along with us on a delicious adventure as we learn about Colorado’s award-winning doughnuts.

Amy’s Donuts

Amy’s Donuts is a family-run business that started in Colorado Springs and has since grown to Arizona and Ohio. It is famous for its colorful and creative donuts. Creme Brulee, S’mores, and Orange Creamsicles are just a few of the creative treats they serve.

Amy’s Donuts is open 24 hours a day, delivers, and does events. Both customers and reviewers have said nice things about the place. There have been stories about the company in The Huffington Post, The Food Network, and The Travel Channel.

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Horseshoe Donuts

The cute Horseshoe Donuts is in Monument, Colorado. It serves doughnuts with an east coast style and a western twist. Horseshoe Donuts makes fresh doughnuts every morning with high-quality local ingredients.

Discover the Best Doughnuts in Colorado in 2024

They have a wide range of choices, from plain and frosted to filled and topped, as well as seasonal and specialties. Google, Facebook, and Yelp all have good things to say about the small, friendly shop.

Voodoo Doughnut – Colfax

From its start in Portland, Oregon, the famous Voodoo Doughnut chain has spread its strange and unique treats to Denver, Colorado. With doughnuts like the Grape Ape, the Voodoo Doll, and the Bacon Maple Bar, Voodoo Doughnut stands out for making unique treats.

There are also vegan and gluten-free choices on the menu, and special orders can be made ahead of time. Voodoo Doughnut is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In 2022, Yelp named it the seventh-best doughnut shop in the US, and TV shows and papers have written about it.

LaMar’s Donuts

The Colorado-based LaMar’s Donuts business has been making people happy with fresh, tasty doughnuts since 1960. LaMar’s has a wide range of menu items, from classics like chocolate glazed to unique treats like raspberry jelly and apple fritter.

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A lot of people like it, as shown by awards like Best of Denver by Westword, Best of the Springs by The Gazette, and Best of Boulder by Boulder Weekly. LaMar’s Donuts serves more than just doughnuts. Their menu also has coffee, sandwiches, and other meal foods.


Colorado’s beautiful scenery and food innovation have led to the rise of award-winning doughnuts in the state. Amy’s Donuts, Horseshoe Donuts, Voodoo Doughnut – Colfax, and LaMar’s Donuts are all popular for their colorful, creative, and delicious doughnuts.

Amy’s Donuts, a family-run business, offers Creme Brulee, S’mores, and Orange Creamsicles, while Horseshoe Donuts offers an East Coast style with a Western twist. Voodoo Doughnut – Colfax is the seventh-best doughnut shop in the US.

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