Discover the 5 Best Doughnuts in Pennsylvania: A Guide to the Sweetest Spots


If you love sweets and doughnuts, Pennsylvania should be on your list of places to visit. Some of the tastiest and most creative doughnut shops in the country are in this state.

They offer a wide range of tastes, toppings, and styles. If you like traditional glazed, filled, or cake doughnuts, or if you’re up for something new like cannoli, bacon, or cereal-topped treats, Pennsylvania has what you’re looking for.

Here is a list of some of the best doughnut shops in the state.

1. Federal Donuts, Philadelphia

Federal Donuts, which is famous for its delectable chicken and coffee in addition to its delectable doughnuts, keeps winning the title of finest doughnut store in the state.

Popular cake doughnut flavors include strawberry-lavender, guava-poppy, and pomegranate-nutella. Initiated by Steve Cook and James Beard Award-winning chef Michael Solomonov, who also owns the renowned casual counter Dizengoff and Zahav, Federal Donuts is preparing to publish their highly sought-after recipes in the cookbook “Federal Donuts: The (Partially) True Spectacular Story” this autumn.

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2. Oram’s Donut Shop, Beaver Falls

Over eight decades old and committed to producing doughnuts of the highest quality, Oram’s Donut Shop adheres to time-honored practices by emphasizing flavor and excellence.

Their cinnamon pastries are notably well-liked due to their substantial dimensions, airy texture, and enticing allure. With flavors such as apple, peanut butter, and cream stick, Oram’s distinguishes itself from competitors with a distinct and delectable flavor distinction.

3. Duck Donuts, State College

Duck Donuts, which was founded in North Carolina, has since extended its distribution of freshly baked, toasty doughnuts to multiple states, including Pennsylvania.
Discover the 5 Best Doughnuts in Pennsylvania A Guide to the Sweetest Spots
The chain specializes in pastries that are personalized about the coating, garnish, and drizzle. Traditional options include maple and lemon, while more distinctive selections include blueberry, bacon, coconut, and salted caramel.
Duck Donuts guarantees a pleasurable experience through the provision of freshly baked, sumptuous doughnuts.

4. Allentown Mary Ann Donut Kitchen

starting with a family of over sixty years, Mary Ann Donut Kitchen provides a variety of delectable items, including doughnuts, pastries, coffee, and sandwiches.

Daily doughnuts are baked by Mary Ann, who employs traditional recipes and premium ingredients to produce doughnuts in an assortment of flavors (glazed, chocolate, jelly, cream, and apple, to name a few).

Additionally, they offer reasonably priced specialty doughnuts such as those flavored with peanut butter and jelly, Boston cream, and maple bacon.

5. Paoli Bakery, Frangelli’s, Philadelphia

Frangelli’s Bakery, which has been operating since 1947, is a Philadelphia institution. They offer both traditional staples and innovative creations, such as the donnoli, a doughnut crust filled with cannoli cream, which they make by hand.

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In addition to salted caramel, peanut butter and jelly, and Nutella are additional tantalizing varieties. Doughnuts from Frangelli that are flavorful, succulent, and fresh are the result of decades of culinary experience.

Final Words

Pennsylvania’s doughnut culture delights sweet tooths. The state has some of the country’s most inventive and delicious doughnut shops, with a variety of flavors, toppings, and styles.

These establishments provide glazed cannoli, and bacon-topped pastries. Pennsylvania’s diverse tastes and time-honored quality make it a must-see for doughnut lovers, from Federal Donuts’ cake doughnuts to Frangelli’s inventive donnoli.

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