A New Maryland Law Will Make Drunk Drivers Appear In Court


MARYLAND: A bill being introduced by Maryland state senator Mary Beth Carozza is intended to provide comfort to families who have lost loved ones to drunk driving accidents.

The bill would remove the option for someone accused of careless driving, even if it resulted in a tragic collision, to avoid paying a fine of up to $1,000 by forcing them to appear in court.

Senator Carozza has also presented a second bill that would extend the maximum sentence of three years in prison for those who cause death or serious harm as a result of driving while under the influence.

“I have introduced legislation that has been advocated by victims—that is, victims of those who have died as a result of careless or dangerous driving. I will thus proceed with that bill. It’s been presented. A hearing on it is set for January 24th, according to Senator Carozza.

Carozza thinks the general assembly will advance the legislation this year after they were unanimously approved to proceed in the last session.

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