Youth Basketball Coach Faces Court Over Child Sex Crime Charges


A youth basketball coach accused of child sex crimes is scheduled to appear before a court on Wednesday.

Jamoszio “Moszi” Burch headed the NC Jayhawks AAU squad and previously coached at Union Academy. He is now in jail, accused of human trafficking, and awaiting a bond hearing. Burch smiled as he exited the courthouse Monday, shackled and boarding a law enforcement cruiser. His bond hearing, originally scheduled for Monday, was rescheduled due to a scheduling issue.

He’ll return to the courthouse in downtown Wadesboro on Wednesday for the hearing, where Burch was regarded as a mentor and trusted boys’ basketball coach.

Anson County deputies have since accused him of human trafficking and indecent behavior with youngsters.

Stanly County has opened an investigation into Burch after speaking with parents and athletes.

“We could potentially have victims here,” Stanly County Sheriff Jeff Crisco stated. “We want them to come forward with their parents to give us the information in hopes that, okay, if you don’t want to talk, well, maybe you can tell us it happened to somebody else that way we can go to that individuals’ parents.”

While both schools and the AAU claim they have systems in place to check coaches for potential misbehavior, Jennifer Wolff, a licensed trauma treatment expert, believes there are signals parents can look for to ensure their children’s safety.

“I know my child. They suddenly lack the desire to go. They don’t want to be around their friends. “You’ll notice changes in their sleeping and eating habits,” Wolff explained.

When a youngster shares that something worrying has occurred, Wolff believes it is critical to express support.

“Believe them.” Reassure them that they are not in trouble and that telling their experience required a great deal of courage,” Wolff added.

The case is still under active investigation.

Those with information that they believe can help should contact the Anson or Stanly County Sheriff’s offices.

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