After The Bridge Collapsed, A Crew Member On The Dali Said That Everyone On Board Was Safe


Andy Middleton, head of Apostleship of the Sea, says that a crew member on the DALI cargo ship sent a message hours after the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed letting everyone on board know that they were safe.

Tuesday, Middleton talked to a crew member about what happened after hearing about it Tuesday morning. On Monday, he was with the captain of the DALI.

He said that the ship from India had 22 people on board and that they were leaving early Tuesday morning to go to Sri Lanka.

Monday, the ship’s master told Middleton that the ship would go a longer way to avoid dangers along the coast of Yemen.

“Yesterday, I was out with the captain, and we were talking while we were driving. He told me that they were sailing down and around the tip of South Africa to avoid the problems off the coast of Yemen because it was safer that way,” he said.

“Taking care of their needs to make sure that they’re reminded of their God-given human dignity when they’re here in Baltimore,” Middleton said. “Members of the Apostleship of the Sea spend time in the port and on the vessels as a friendly face to the seafarers that visit the Port of Baltimore.”

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