Violent Scene in Acapulco: Six Victims Found Dead, Hands Bound, Investigation Underway


Prosecutors in Mexico said they discovered the deaths of four men and two women heaped on a street in the Pacific vacation city of Acapulco.

The victims, who had been strangled and their hands tied behind their backs, were found late Monday. The killings are still being investigated, and the victims’ identities have not been published. Last week, five dismembered bodies were discovered on a street in Acapulco. One of the victims was a contender for a town council seat in adjacent Coyuca de Benítez.

According to The Associated Press, Mexican drug gangs frequently use asphyxiation to kill their victims, either by strangling them or wrapping duct tape or plastic bags around their heads. Acapulco is still struggling from Category 5 Hurricane Otis, which struck in October last year, killing 52 people and damaging countless hotels along its beachfront.

Eduardo Chávez, the commander of Acapulco’s municipal traffic police, was shot and killed in the city in early April.

Drug gangs in Mexico frequently force bus and taxi drivers to work for them, and traffic stops involving such vehicles may have irritated them, according to the Associated Press. Videos allegedly released on social media in March showed drug gang enforcers viciously beating bus drivers in Acapulco for failing to function as cartel lookouts.
Two men’s strangled deaths were discovered at the famed Condesa beach the previous month.

The US State Department warns Americans not to travel to Guerrero State, which includes Acapulco, “due to crime.”

“Crime and violence are widespread. The State Department warns that “armed groups operate independently of the government in many areas of Guerrero.” “Members of these organizations routinely place roadblocks and may use violence against travelers. In prior years, US nationals and lawful permanent residents have been kidnapped.


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