Two Dead, Five Injured in Workplace Shooting at Delaware County Linen


According to the district attorney, five persons were wounded and two were murdered during a workplace shooting on Wednesday at Delaware County Linen in Chester, Pennsylvania.

In a press conference, District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer stated that a disgruntled employee entered the linen shop and shot five coworkers. Two of the victims were murdered, while three others were sent to Crozer-Chester Medical Center in serious condition.

“We have two individuals who have unfortunately lost their life just by showing up to work today by a disgruntled former employee,” Stollsteimer stated, “and we have three other people who are at the hospital right now and we are all praying for them.” The incident took at around 8:30 a.m. on the 2600 block of West 4th Street. Investigators stated that it occurred both inside and outside of the linen store.

Stollsteimer reported that one person was killed inside the business and one outside.

“This is a tragedy, a story that plays out too often across the United States of America,” Stollsteimer stated. During a press conference, Chester Mayor Stefan Roots stated that one of the victims was the man’s supervisor.

According to the district attorney, the shooter attempted to flee but was apprehended by officers near Trainer, Delaware County.

Stollsteimer claimed a firearm was used in the incident.

According to sources, detectives discovered a semi-automatic 9mm handgun in the automobile that the suspect fled in. In a one-on-one interview with CBS News Philadelphia, the district attorney explained that there are “just too many guns in the hands of people who shouldn’t have them.”

“Here you’ve got somebody who’s a dissatisfied employee of this business, doesn’t like some of his coworkers for whatever reason,” Stollsteimer said, “and decides to come in and kill them. So we have two individuals deceased. These people went to work today, just like any other day, thinking they were going about their business, and now they’re dead on the ground.”

“Just regular people trying to get to work.” Provide for their families. “Live the American Dream,” Stollsteimer said. “They passed away this morning, before 10 a.m. Their family’s lives are ruined. The mayor advocated for tighter gun laws and improved mental health care.

“It speaks about weapons in America. We have a city that is dealing with violence. We have excellent groups here that address it at all levels. It is heartbreaking. It is tragic. “It has to stop,” Roots stated. “Chester, Pennsylvania, never anticipated to be the site of another outbreak of workplace violence. We’re a very close-knit community. We all know one another. We are all family, which is why so many of us are hurting.

Investigators are not publishing the alleged shooter’s name at this time.

The mayor stated that the White House reached out to the city.


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