Vermont is Crawling With Bed Bugs; Three Cities Are Among the Worst Infested


Vermont is dealing with a serious bed bug problem, with three of its communities ranking among the most infected in the country, according to a recent analysis by Orkin, a pest treatment business.

The Report

Orkin has released its yearly ranking of the top 50 bed bug cities in the United States, based on treatments completed between December 1, 2022, and November 30, 2023. According to the survey, Burlington, Montpelier, and Rutland are now ranked 18th, 28th, and 36th, respectively, representing a significant gain over the previous year.

In the previous survey, only Burlington was ranked 34th, thus the addition of the other two cities is a troubling indicator of an expanding infestation.

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The Causes

Bed bugs are tiny, flat, oval-shaped insects that feed on human blood, particularly at night. They can hide in beds, furniture, luggage, clothes, and other objects. They may readily move from one area to another by human touch.

Factors that contribute to the spread of bed bugs include:

  • Increased travel: Vermont, a famous tourist destination, sees an increase in visitors, particularly during the fall and winter seasons, who may introduce bed bugs from contaminated areas or pick them up from accommodation facilities.
  • Lack of awareness: Many people are unaware of the signs and symptoms of bed bug infestations, which complicates prevention and treatment. Bed bugs may cause skin irritation, allergic responses, and psychological discomfort, and they are resistant to insecticides, making them difficult to exterminate.
  • Low-income housing: With around 11% of its population living below the federal poverty line, Vermont confronts difficulties dealing with bed bug infestations owing to restricted access to tools and information.

The Solutions

The Vermont Department of Health suggests the following strategies for preventing and controlling bed bug infestations:

  • Inspect: Check your items and surroundings regularly for bed insect indicators, using a flashlight and magnifying glass to examine cracks, crevices, seams, and folds.

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  • Isolate: Keep baggage and personal things out of possible bed bug hiding places by sealing and storing them in plastic bags or containers.
  • Treat: If bed bugs are discovered, seek the aid of a licensed pest control specialist rather than attempting ineffectual or damaging DIY techniques.

Prevent bed bugs by washing and drying clothing and bedding on high heat, frequently vacuuming and steam cleaning furniture and carpets, and using mattress and box spring encasements.

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In summary, Vermont has a substantial bed bug problem, with Burlington, Montpelier, and Rutland being among the most afflicted cities in the United States. Increased travel, a lack of understanding, and issues with low-income housing are all contributing reasons. To combat the issue, the Vermont Department of Health suggests frequent inspections, personal seclusion, and expert treatment.

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