Upset Christian Man Destroys Satanic Temple Display at Iowa Capitol, Sparking Controversy and Calls for Tolerance


Iowa’s decision to let religious displays at its Capitol building was obligated under the U.S. Constitution to permit displays of any faith, not only the Christian denominations that the local leaders supported. As a result, the Des Moines Satanic Temple secured a location and created a charming miniature exhibit complete with candles, tenets, Baphomet, etc. Michael Cassidy, 35, was charged with criminal mischief after being apprehended by Iowa State Police after he allegedly “vandalized beyond repair” the item.

The temple made a statement saying, “This morning, we were informed by authorities that the Baphomet statue in our holiday display was destroyed beyond repair.” “We are proud to continue our holiday display for the next few days that we have been allotted.”

Various governmental authorities, religious leaders, and others expressed their displeasure with the billboard on the internet, with some even expressly calling for its removal or destruction. In a statement of her own, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds advised them to calm down, but all it accomplished was increase national attention to the Baphomet crisis in the Iowa Capitol.

“Like many Iowans, I believe the Capitol’s exhibition of the Satanic Temple to be completely offensive. I invite all people of religion to join me today in praying over the Capitol and acknowledging the nativity scene that will be on display—the real reason for the season—because, in a free society, the best answer to offensive speech is more speech.”

The media cited Cassidy, who has unsuccessfully run for political office in the past, as stating, “I was incensed to see this profane statue. Not a bureaucratic rule, but the word of God, holds my conscience hostage. Thus, I took action.

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