United States Vows Additional Sanctions Against Iran Over Alleged Backing of Russia in Ukrainian Conflict and Possible Missile Transactions

ISRAEL - APRIL 12: In this photograph provided by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), a Patriot missile is fired from a desert launch site April 12, 2005 in southern Israel.

The White House plans to announce new sanctions on Iran soon in response to its arms sales supporting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. A strong warning has been issued against Tehran selling ballistic missiles to Moscow.

On Thursday, a National Security Council spokesperson announced that the US will be implementing more sanctions on Iran soon due to its involvement in supplying Russia with drones and other technology for the conflict in Ukraine.

He delivered a fresh caution to Iran, stating that supplying ballistic missiles to Russia for potential use against Kyiv would result in increased sanctions and measures at the United Nations.

US Prepares for Iran-Russia Missile Deal, Considers UN Action and Sanctions


Two Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) military personnel stand guard under an Iranian Kheibar Shekan Ballistic missile in downtown Tehran during a rally commemorating the International Quds Day, also known as the Jerusalem day, on April 29, 2022.


For months, the US has been alerting Russia’s attempts to obtain ballistic missiles from Iran in exchange for offering Tehran increased military support.

“We have not received any confirmation regarding the transfer of missiles from Iran to Russia,” Kirby stated, while also mentioning that there is no indication that they will not fulfill their commitment.

He mentioned that if Iran advances, the international community’s response will be quick and harsh. The individual mentioned that the United States plans to bring the issue to the UN Security Council, where Russia holds veto power.

“We are planning to enforce more sanctions on Iran and will work closely with our European and other partners to explore additional response strategies,” Kirby stated.

Kirby stated that they have shown their capability to respond to the military alliance between Russia and Iran previously. We will make sure to do that moving forward. Regarding Iran’s continued backing of Russia’s violent conflict.

In the upcoming days, we plan to implement further sanctions on Iran. If Iran sells ballistic missiles to Russia, we are ready to take additional action.

The United States will be unveiling a fresh round of sanctions on Friday targeting Russia, strategically coinciding with the second anniversary of the Ukraine invasion and the recent passing of prominent Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny in a Russian penal colony.

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