Hamas Militants Accused of Deliberate and Systematic Sexual Violence During Oct. 7 Attack, According to Report

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - 2024/02/04: Tied-up protesters and some wearing blindfolds hold placards reading 'Rape is not resistance' during the demonstration outside BBC headquarters. Pro-Israel protesters gathered for the "Rape Is Not Resistance" demonstration in response to the footage of Israeli women hostages being paraded when Hamas attacked Israel, and in support of all Israeli hostages held by Hamas in Gaza.

The Association of Rape Crisis Centers of Israel (ARCCI) has published a detailed report outlining the sexual crimes that occurred during the Hamas attack on Oct. 7, 2023, describing them as systematic and intentional.

“The information and testimonies we provide clarify beyond any doubt what occurred, but significant parts of the story are still ahead of us,” Orit Sulitzeanu, executive director of the ARRCI, expressed in the opening remarks of the “Silent Cry” report. The ARCCI serves as an umbrella organization for Israel’s regional rape crisis centers.

“Given the nature of sexual assault cases, particularly in wartime, it’s important to note that the information in the report is still in the early stages,” cautioned Sulitzeanu. In the future, we may uncover more details about the sexual assaults that occurred on Oct. 7 and beyond, depending on the survivors’ decisions.

Hamas Attack Investigation Exposes Violent and Sadistic Acts


NEW YORK, NEW YORK – DECEMBER 4: More than hundreds activists, mostly women, rally at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza on December 4, 2023 in New York in support of Israeli women sexually assaulted during a terrorist attack by Hamas. Some of them were wearing white and biege costumes with red paint all over including between legs to symbolize blood and rape. Activists accused womens advocacy groups specifically UN Women to silent on this.


The investigation revealed that the Hamas attack involved violent rape, often accompanied by threats with weapons.

Many of these assaults took place collectively, with collaboration among the perpetrators and sometimes in front of witnesses, including family members.

The perpetrators would occasionally participate in what was described as “sadistic practices,” such as restraining and immobilizing the victims, mutilating genital organs – including severed breasts – and incorporating weapons into the assault.

The article referenced an interview in The New York Times with four Nova festival rescue workers who recounted discovering women’s bodies in a disturbing state.

These cruel methods were designed to intensify the victim’s shame, often resulting in the victims being killed by the perpetrators.

The incidents took place in locations where female individuals were present: Investigators discovered the bodies of female soldiers who had been violated at the Shura military base, at different kibbutzes targeted by Hamas, at the Nova music festival, and in certain instances during periods of “captivity.”

Based on the testimonies and information presented, it is evident that the sexual assaults during the Oct. 7 attack and subsequent incidents were executed in a systematic and intentional manner, as stated in the report.

The report highlighted the challenges of gathering evidence and testimony, pointing out that the process is already complex during peaceful times and becomes even more difficult during times of conflict.

The report mentioned that it gathered information from official sources, local and international press, interviews with ‘first responders,’ professionals, and confidential calls.

It emphasized that it did not consider information from social media or unverified sources. 

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