Two States Enact Legislation Safeguarding Abortion Rights Effective January 1st


In 2023, a lot of states led by Republicans passed laws that made it illegal to have an abortion. However, some blue states took a different stand and passed laws to protect abortion rights. Washington and California are two of these states that are going to pass important laws on Monday that will make it easier for people to get abortions and protect those who do get them.

The goal of Washington state’s new rule is to make abortions easier to get by changing how insurance covers them. From January 1, no new or extended health insurance plans will be able to make people pay for their own abortions. This change gets rid of the costs that usually come with abortions, like copays and deductibles. This makes the process easier and cheaper for women in the state to get.

At the same time, California will start using a shield law on Monday. This law will protect local doctors who perform abortions on patients from other states. This law gives important protections to medical professionals who might otherwise be in trouble with the law in states with strict abortion rules. The law also protects people who provide gender-affirming care to patients from other states. This makes sure that all neglected groups get the care they need.

These steps forward by blue states show that they are firmly committed to protecting reproductive rights and making sure everyone has access to full healthcare services. States run by Republicans are pushing for laws that make abortion harder, but laws like the ones in Washington and California give people who want a safe and legal abortion a ray of hope.

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