10 year-old in Northern California arrested for murdering another 10 year-old, authorities claim


A mother is mourning the death of her 10-year-old son, while another 10-year-old is being held in a detention center on charges of murder.

According to reports, the youngster and his older brother lost their father a year ago. Their mother is now separated from her spouse and one of her boys.

The suspect will be held in detention until a court determines whether to release him before trial. It comes as the mother of Keith “KJ” Frierson demands answers for her son’s killing. Many people are wondering, however, what the legal procedure looks like when the suspected gunman is only 10 years old.

“He went outside to ride his bike — not even 15 minutes later, my baby was gone,” Britney Frierson explained.

Britney is devastated and appalled that this may happen to her 10-year-old son.

“The only adult outside, he walked by him and somehow got his gun…and shot my baby,” Frierson went on to say.

Dozens of people gathered to light candles for KJ.

They recall his smile his passion for athletics, and his charisma.

10 year-old in Northern California arrested for murdering another 10 year-old, authorities claim

Frierson is grappling with the death of her kid, just a year after her husband died as a result of fentanyl poisoning.

Sacramento County sheriff’s deputies called to an apartment on Greenholme Dr. on Saturday, when they say a 10-year-old went to the car to purchase cigarettes for his father and discovered a revolver inside.

According to investigators, that’s when he started flaunting it and pulled the trigger.

“He will pay for this, he will,” Frierson warned. “We will get justice for my son.”

The alleged gunman, a 10-year-old boy, is being held at a juvenile detention center. Arkete Davis, his father, was discovered to be a convicted felon, and the gun used was stolen. Investigators believe he attempted to cover up the crime by dumping the gun in a trash can.

“It’s really uncommon, but it does happen,” said criminal defense attorney Mark Reichel.

Reichel has tried cases involving minors before.

How much of this will be borne by the child?

“We don’t take anybody under 16 anymore to adult court, and even under 14, it’s just hard to believe that you could charge with a crime,” he went on to say. “If he’s convicted, you know he would go to the youth authority.”

According to Reichel, a judge will decide if the child’s acts were premeditated and malicious.

“Please keep my family in your prayers. “Please keep ’em in your prayers, and hold y’all babies,” she urged. “We can’t even let our babies go ride bikes.”

The suspect’s father is being held on $500,000 bond for gun charges, child endangerment, and accessory after the fact for allegedly attempting to cover up the shooting.

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