These Two Mysterious Haunted Roads in Ohio Where Gravity Does Not Exist


Ohio is a state full of mysteries and stories, but none are more compelling than the two roadways that appear to defy the rules of physics. These include Gravity Hill in Richland County and Spooky Hollow in Hamilton County, where automobiles appear to defy gravity by rolling upward while water flows in the other direction.

Are these routes haunted by ghosts, cursed by witches, or subject to an unseen force? Let’s look at the stories and facts underlying these unusual happenings.

Gravity Hill

Gravity Hill is located on Leesville Road in Butler, Richland County, and is identified with a sign instructing cars to come to a halt, change into neutral, and release the brakes. Surprisingly, automobiles then roll uphill, seemingly ignoring gravity. Some even notice an uptick in their speedometers as they climb the incline.

There are several theories for this phenomenon, ranging from the paranormal to the scientific. Some believe it is the spirits of Native Americans slain in a nearby massacre, pulling automobiles uphill to indicate their presence. Others believe a witch from a hillside home cursed the road, performing a spell that sent the automobiles in motion.

However, the most likely reason is an optical illusion caused by the scenery. Although the road is somewhat downward, the surrounding horizon and trees provide the impression of an upward slope, with automobiles merely following the natural force of gravity.

Spooky Hollow

Spooky Hollow, located on Buell Road near Cleves in Hamilton County and sometimes known as Gravity Road, produces a similar effect as Gravity Hill. Drivers who come to a stop on the road feel as if their automobiles are moving uphill, despite the apparent level of downhill terrain.

The legends surrounding Spooky Hollow are varied and intriguing. Some believe the road is haunted by the ghost of a girl killed by a train on adjacent lines, who pushes automobiles uphill to save them from a similar destiny. Others propose demonic rituals on the road, with the devil himself responsible for the bizarre occurrence.

However, the most plausible reason is an optical illusion caused by the landscape and driver’s viewpoint. The road is, in reality, somewhat downward, but the hills and trees give the impression of a flat or upward slope. The stream water runs regularly beneath the bridge, but the angle of the bridge makes it appear to flow backward.

Final Words

Gravity Hill and Spooky Hollow in Ohio, where cars appear to roll uphill, enchant with their mystery.” While stories about ghosts and curses abound, the most logical explanation is optical illusion. The surrounding terrain generates the illusion of an ascending slope, making these places fascinating instances of how our senses may be deceived.

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