Tree Tossing Revelation: Woman’s £650k Car Crash Injury Claim Denied

07 January 2024, Rhineland-Palatinate, Weidenthal: A participant hurls a spruce at the 16th World Christmas Tree Throwing Championship.

In Ireland, a court has rejected a woman’s £650,000 injury claim when a photo surfaced of her winning a Christmas tree-throwing contest.

Kamila Grabska, 36, shared that her severe back and neck injuries from a car crash in 2017 have kept her from being able to work and spend time with her children.

The individual filed a lawsuit against an insurance company, claiming that her injuries disrupted her daily life for more than five years.

Nevertheless, the high court in Limerick, Ireland, rejected her claim once the photograph emerged of her winning the Christmas tree-throwing competition.

According to the Irish Independent, the judge determined that her claims were overstated.

Judge Rejects Exaggerated Claims Over Christmas Tree Toss


13 January 2024, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Rövershagen: A man measures how far a fir tree thrown by a participant has flown.


Justice Carmel Stewart received evidence of Ms Grabska’s involvement in the 2018 event, during which she was observed tossing a 5ft spruce. 

The picture, showcased in a national newspaper, convinced the judge that the claims were greatly exaggerated.

“It’s a very large, natural Christmas tree and she’s throwing it with a very agile movement,” remarked the judge.

Ms Grabska also confessed to the judge that she had emerged victorious in the competition. 

During the Christmas tree-throwing competition, contenders vie to determine who can launch a spruce the greatest distance.

Additional proof of her physical activity emerged that directly opposed her story, as reported by the paper.

The evidence shown to the judge consisted of a video showing her teaching her Dalmatian in a park in November of last year.

Ms Grabska’s post-accident activities were deemed inconsistent with her injury claims, resulting in the judge dismissing her case against the insurance company.

It was brought to the court’s attention that Ms. Grabska, who is from Ennis, County Clare, had resigned from her job and was receiving disability benefits.

Ms Grabska denied the accusation of fabricating her injuries and explained to the court that her goal was simply to live a regular life.

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