This Haunted Hotel in California Has an Amazing and Terrifying History


California’s history is rich and interesting, from the Gold Rush era to the bright days of Hollywood. Naturally, beneath the cheery exterior of some of California’s most famous hotels lie dark and horrific stories. One such location is San Francisco’s magnificent Victorian Queen Anne Hotel, which hides a terrible secret beneath its charming façade.

Queen Anne Hotel: History

The Queen Anne Hotel originally welcomed the public in 1890, after serving as the Mary Lake School for females, a prestigious finishing school for females. Miss Mary Lake, a widow with a strong interest in education and social change, offered the concept for the school. Rumor has it that she held séances in her fourth-floor chamber and dabbled in spiritualism.

Despite its lofty goals, the institution failed badly and closed its doors in 1896. The facility has had a variety of uses throughout the years, including a Lutheran church, a military school, and a men’s club. It was transformed into a hotel in 1980. The hotel underwent major restorations to restore its Victorian elegance.

Come Across Evil Spirits Here

Strange incidents at the Queen Anne Hotel have fueled conjecture that the apparition of Miss Mary Lake is still alive and thriving. According to legend, she never left her beloved school. Everything in her ethereal existence takes place in Room 410, which once served as her workplace. Visitors to this chamber have described hearing soft footsteps and whispers, feeling delicate touches on their faces, and having their items rearranged or relocated as if by a supernatural power.

Surprisingly, the phantom of Miss Lake does not look scary; rather, she emits a warm and caring presence. It appears that she takes considerable delight in meeting people’s needs and guaranteeing their well-being. As a mark of their thanks, some visitors leave messages or gifts on the dresser.

There have been tales of paranormal activity at the hotel, such as cold spots, flashing lights, moving furniture, and mysterious noises. Visitors have reported seeing spectral beings, including children and soldiers, in the hotel’s halls and stairwells. Interestingly, these specters do not appear to have any trouble getting along with the hotel staff.

Today, Here at the Queen Anne Hotel

Guests interested in San Francisco’s history and culture frequently opt to stay at the Queen Anne Hotel. The hotel has 48 distinct rooms and suites, each with its flair. Guests may enjoy free breakfast and afternoon tea while perusing the library, studio, salon, and garden terrace.

We also welcome anybody wondering about the hotel’s eerie background and interested in paranormal activity. Room 410 (or another allegedly haunted room) is available for overnight stays as part of their ghost tours and packages. Attendees can don ghost-hunting gear or accompany experienced investigators as they delve into the paranormal.

Essentially, the Queen Anne Hotel is a place where modernity and tradition live happily. Visitors may immerse themselves in the fascinating world of the supernatural while admiring the exquisite Victorian buildings. Someone may see the gentle apparition of Miss Mary Lake, who is haunting her beloved former school.


Essentially, the Queen Anne Hotel in California, which has a rich history that dates back to 1890, is home to enigmatic tales of paranormal activity, especially in Room 410, which is thought to be haunted by Miss Mary Lake, the founder of the school. Despite these ghost stories, the hotel invites visitors to experience its opulent Victorian ambiance as well as ghost stories by skillfully fusing antique charm with contemporary conveniences.

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