Discover 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Baltimore, Maryland


As someone who has toured and been aware of a variety of locales, I feel it is critical to analyze all elements of a region before deciding to relocate or arrange a vacation there. The city of Baltimore, Maryland, is no exception. Understanding the city in a whole is critical. This is because the city is well-known for its unique blend of positive and negative features, such as high rates of poverty and crime.

Despite its tiny size and lack of visibility, Baltimore is the most notable city in Maryland. It is critical to have a thorough awareness of the good and negative features of each location in Baltimore. If you are planning a trip or considering relocating, it is a good idea to be aware of the most dangerous areas.

1. West Baltimore

West Baltimore, which is now a museum and was originally the home of the great author Edgar Allan Poe, receives a large number of tourists each year. The contrast between the picture of the neighborhood during the day and the reality of the neighborhood at night is stark. Because of low levels of education, high levels of taxes, and poverty, the neighborhood has become a hotbed for criminal activity.

West Baltimore has 3,197 reported violent crimes and 7,438 reported property crimes, according to FBI data. The offenses range from homicide, assault, and sexual assault to burglary, car theft, and property theft. West Baltimore’s crime rate is 353% higher than the national average for all states.

2. Cherry Hill

Because of its high violent crime rate of 3,146, the seriousness of these offenses exceeds that of most other areas. Cherry Hill is at the top of the list of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Baltimore. This area is well-known for its involvement with the MS-13 gang, and the Department of Justice states that a large number of residents have sadly become victims of their actions.

The neighborhood has a concerning crime rate that is 235% more than the national average, including homicide, sexual assault, and property-related crimes. MS-13 is notorious for selecting victims indiscriminately, putting everyone, regardless of identification or background, at risk.

3. Greenmount East

Greenmount East is a neighborhood with a high crime rate, predominantly theft, and burglary, however, gunshots occur seldom. If you don’t have any acquaintances in the region, you’re unlikely to visit Greenmount East.

Despite being less severe than the MS-13 gang, the BGF group remains dangerous, according to the Department of Justice. Traveling through Greenmount East requires caution and obedience to the area’s limitations.

According to FBI data, Greenmount East recorded 2,952 violent crimes and 5,888 property crimes in 2020. This resulted in a 277% higher crime rate than the national average. The crimes recorded in Greenmount East ranged from sexual assault and murder to car theft and minor property offenses.

My own experience has taught me that it is advisable to avoid strolling through Greenmount East and stay away from any potential hazards. Although the location may not have many tourist attractions, visitors must prioritize safety and take vigilance at all times.

My experiences have taught me that in neighborhoods like Greenmount East, the most important thing to do to navigate safely is to stay watchful and aware.

4. Brooklyn/Curtis Bay District

According to the City of Baltimore, Brooklyn-Curtis Bay is a popular choice among families seeking for cheap housing. The purchase of a single-family house for around $66,000 may appear to be a good deal; nevertheless, the crime rate has been growing annually.

This neighborhood, with a population of 13,952, has a 291% higher crime rate than the national average. This crime rate encompasses a wide range of acts such as homicide, rape, theft, burglary, and car theft.

5. Orangeville District

The crime figures for Orangeville, which is located in Baltimore, may not appear to be as high as those for other areas; yet, they are high for an area with a population of just more than 2,000.

Even though this densely populated suburban area is well-known for its outstanding restaurants and vibrant nightlife, we highly urge you not to stay out after dark if you want to visit Baltimore. This is because most crimes in Baltimore occur at night.


Baltimore, despite its cultural significance, struggles with contradictory characteristics of charm and safety concerns. Areas such as West Baltimore, Cherry Hill, Greenmount East, Brooklyn/Curtis Bay, and the Orangeville District suffer significant criminal concerns, and need care. Understanding the city’s many areas is critical for individuals contemplating relocating or traveling to guarantee safety.

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