Tragedy Strikes: Double Shooting Claims Two Lives Outside San Pedro Adult Learning Center


A double shooting occurred outside the San Pedro Adult Learning Center on Thursday, killing two individuals.

According to KTLA, officers from the Los Angeles Police Department responded to reports of a shooting at Santa Cruz and Meyler streets shortly before 4 p.m.

When two ambulances and a canopy were asked to cover deceased persons while investigators investigated the crime scene, medical workers from the Los Angeles Fire Department responded. Details are scarce, and it’s unclear how the incident occurred, but a video submitted to the Citizen App shows police and firefighters standing beside one victim on the pavement, who was already wrapped in a blanket.

The second victim was taken to the hospital in serious condition. They were eventually pronounced deceased.

“The man who was pronounced dead at the scene was 19 and the other person was around 45,” LAPD Cpt. Jamie Bennet told KTLA.

Sky5 aerial footage from the area showed a large police presence just before 6 p.m., as homicide investigators attempted to gather clues while evidence markers were set near to shot shells and damaged glass on the roadway.

Lisa Torres, who lives near the crime scene, told KTLA’s Samantha Cortese that the shooting seemed too close to home, and she is concerned that she will be unable to leave her house.

“This is our second shooting in the same spot,” she stated. “We had one here for Mother’s Day. It’s just awful that this is still happening in our wonderful community.”

According to the lifelong San Pedro resident, individuals used to be able to roam the streets without fear, but now they must keep their guard up.

“People are killing for no reason,” Torres said.

Around 10 p.m., officers were observed serving a search warrant at a nearby residence.

Authorities have not revealed the identities of the two victims. They did, however, say they are looking into a possible getaway automobile, but have yet to divulge the vehicle’s details.

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