California Responds to Arizona’s ABORTION Ban With Temporary Provision for Out-of-state Doctors


PHOENIX- A new law that was passed into law on Thursday makes it possible for abortion physicians in Arizona to temporarily conduct the procedure in the adjacent United States state of California.

In response to a recent decision by the Arizona Supreme Court that stated a nearly complete abortion prohibition from 1864 is enforceable in the state of California, Governor Gavin Newsom of California enacted the measure, which will go into effect immediately.

Through the 30th of November, the law would also make it possible for patients to access abortion services from their Arizona health care providers in the state of California.

“To impose an almost complete prohibition on abortion across the state of Arizona, Republicans attempted to go back in time to the year 1864. The Democratic candidate for governor, Newsom, issued a statement on Thursday in which she stated, “We refuse to stand by and acquiesce to their oppressive and dangerous attacks on women.”

The status of Arizona’s 1864 ban, which does not have any exceptions for rape or incest, is still unknown at this time. Therefore, according to the Arizona attorney general’s office, the state Supreme Court has delayed its enforcement by several months, which means that the 15-week abortion ban in Arizona will not become the law of the land until September 26.

During the process of writing the legislation for the state of California, the California Legislative Women’s Caucus took the lead. State Senator Nancy Skinner, who serves as the organization’s head, stated that the new law has the potential to offer women in Arizona a haven for abortions if the 1864 laws are put into force.

According to a statement released by Skinner, “Our Arizona sisters can travel to California to receive the necessary medical care from their physicians, whom they are familiar with and rely on.” The state of California has made it quite clear to all those individuals who require or provide important reproductive care that California has your back.

On May 2, Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs signed a bill that would abolish the restriction; however, the decision will not take effect until ninety days after the conclusion of the legislative session of the Arizona Legislature, which is expected to take place in July.

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