Top 7 Wealthiest Cities in the U.S. With Incomes Above $300,000


In the United States, pockets of extreme wealth are concentrated in select cities with average incomes over $300,000, demonstrating the financial elite’s opulence. These urban hubs, which boast luxury lifestyles and rich amenities, serve as economic beacons. In this article, we look at nine such communities, digging into the causes that lead to their high economic status and considering the repercussions of living in these bastions of America’s upper class.

Discover what makes these neighborhoods the pinnacle of wealth and luxury in today’s American environment, from high-end real estate to exclusive social circles.

1. Los Altos, California

Surprisingly, no one in Silicon Valley, which is located between Palo Alto and San Jose, has the highest average income.

It has an average income of $400,817 and the distinction of being the only city in America to exceed $400,000. Almost two-thirds of the population (64.2%) makes more than $200,000 each year.

It makes you wonder who produces and serves the $9 lattes on the tree-lined streets.

They’re not buying homes, and neither will you. According to Zillow, the median home price is a staggering $4,474,587.

2. Wellesley, Massachusetts

Six of the nine cities with average incomes over $300,000 are in California. Only two are on the East Coast, one of which is Wellesley.

Wellesley, an outlying municipality near Boston, with a median household income of $367,801. Fully 60.7% of the population earns more than $200,000 each year.

The town is home to three colleges: Wellesley College, Babson College, and Massachusetts Bay Community College location. At least we know who is providing the pricey lattes here.

Wellesley’s median home price is $1,944,397, which is neither cheap nor four and a half million.

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3. Saratoga, Calif.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming in California, Saratoga is located southwest of San Jose. Surprise! You found another Silicon Valley entry on the list.

The average income of Saratoga is $329,142, with 58.3% of residents earning more than $200,000.

If you want to live among Saratoga’s manicured wineries and high-end restaurants, you should start saving now. A median home costs $4,038,812.

4. Menlo Park, California

Is your passion for Silicon Valley cities waning yet?

Menlo Park, which borders Palo Alto, Stanford, Redwood City, and, of course, the San Francisco Bay, is another tech bro hotspot. With an average salary of $316,584, you shouldn’t try to keep up with the Joneses here. “Only” 49.2% of local people earn less than $200,000, the lowest percentage on the list.

If you want to, you can get a median home here for $2,694,830.

5. Lafayette, California

Lafayette, which is located slightly inland from Berkeley, deviates from the Bay Area tendency (kind of). Tech millionaires come here for the semi-rural atmosphere, rolling hills, and small-town charm.

The average income is $312,233, with 53.6% of inhabitants earning more than $200,000.

Lafayette’s typical property price is $2,005,282, which feels like a bargain when compared to the other California municipalities on this list. Only in comparison to them.

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6. Los Gatos, California

Los Gatos, another Silicon Valley institution, is located in the Santa Clara Mountains’ foothills, just outside of San Jose. Consider hiking with quarter-zip sweaters.

The average salary here is $305,653, representing a massive 40.2% increase in just three years. Just under half (49.5%) of “the cats” here make more than $200K each year.

Be prepared to pay if you want to acquire a house here. The median home costs $2,643,377.

7. Southlake, Texas

Southlake, a northern suburb between Dallas and Fort Worth, has experienced rapid growth in recent years.

From 2019 to 2022, average income increased from $299,637 to $360,078. An amazing 64.3% of the town’s population earns more than $200,000 per year.

According to Zillow, the median price for a property in Southlake is $1,255,562.


To summarize, these nine cities represent the pinnacle of wealth and luxury in America, each having an average income of over $300,000. From the tech-centric hubs of Silicon Valley to the intellectual beauty of Wellesley, Massachusetts, and the rapid rise of Southlake, Texas, these cities are economic powerhouses where affluence is the standard. Living in these rich locations, with soaring real estate prices and exclusive social circles, shows the huge economic differences as well as the unique lives of the nation’s financial elite.

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