Discover the Top 6 Hidden Noodle Gems in San Antonio That You Need to Try


Get your chopsticks ready for a delicious trip through San Antonio’s noodle heaven! Slurp’s Up has put together the best list of the city’s eight best noodle shops.

There are many delicious places in San Antonio to try different kinds of noodles, from hot ramen to savory pho. Come with us as we discover the city’s rich culinary history through its fragrant broths, enticing textures, and strong flavors.

Get ready for a delicious trip through San Antonio’s must-visit noodle shops! Here is a list of 8 San Antonio noodle recipes that you must try.

1. Nama Ramen

  • Address: 6526 Babcock Rd, San Antonio, TX 78249
  • Desc: Ramen restaurant, Restaurant

Name Ramen used to be a cute little ramen shop. It’s gotten bigger, but some people say it’s lost its charm. Even though the noodles and fried rice were overdone and greasy, people still love the delicious chicken, broth, and Nama sushi.

The food comes out quickly, but the service can be slow. The pan-fried gyoza and hot bacon edamame are two of the best dishes. The ramen is still a hit, and it’s served at just the right temperature with a range of toppings.

The mood, which is set by loud music and obnoxious decorations, might not be for everyone, but the helpful staff and low prices make it worth going. Some people might find it hard to eat without plates, but that’s part of the real experience. Nama Ramen has some problems, but its loyal customers keep coming back because they like the unique food and quick service.

2. Kung Fu Noodle

  • Address: 10415 Huebner Rd, San Antonio, TX 78240
  •  Phone number: (210) 858-3000.
  • Desc: Chinese and noodles

This unassuming diner is a secret gem for genuine Chinese food. The noodles and dumplings they make by hand are especially famous.

Food lovers and even picky eaters love going to this restaurant because the food is always praised for having strong tastes and large portions. The beef noodle soup and pork with chives dumplings are two of the best dishes. They both taste like home-cooked meals.

Despite having simple decor and a laid-back vibe, the place provides a memorable eating experience with its quick service and affordable meals. The restaurant has food for everyone, whether you like spicy food or something a little less spicy. It’s a good place to get a filling meal.

3. Noodle Tree

  • Address: 7114 UTSA Boulevard #101, San Antonio, TX 78249
  • Phone: (210) 233-6371
  • Desc: Restaurant, a ramen restaurant

This small but welcoming Ramen restaurant is tucked away in a cozy corner and offers casual eating with great service. There are many delicious things on the menu, such as the crispy Karage chicken, the pan-seared dumplings, and the popular pulled pork bao buns.

Discover the Top 6 Hidden Noodle Gems in San Antonio That You Need to Try (1)

A lot of people love the Ramen bowls, especially the Kimchi and Hakata Ramen, which always gives you a quick hit of flavor.

The overall eating experience is pleasant, making it a go-to place for a spicy, flavorful bowl of Ramen, even though some items are sometimes unavailable. There is also store parking in the garage next door, which makes it an easy place to get a filling meal.

4. Lucky Noodle

  • Address:  8525 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX 78216.
  • Phone: (210) 236-5244 or
  • Desc: Asian Fusion, Noodles, and Chinese

People love Lucky Noodle because it serves real hand-pulled Chinese noodles and other unique meals. This restaurant is loved by both experienced tourists and locals alike, and the food is truly memorable.

You have to try the noodles, which are known for having the right texture and rich taste. They go well with famous dishes like marinated pork and twice-cooked pork belly. The place also serves other tasty foods, such as stir-fried noodles and buns.

People know that the staff works hard and is friendly, even though it may get busy on the weekends. With its open kitchen and cozy, traditional decor, the diner makes the whole eating experience better.

Some people have said that the soup or sauces could use more flavor, but overall, Lucky Noodle is a great place for food lovers because the food is good, there is a lot of it, and the prices are fair.

5. ShiFu Noodle

  •  Address: 3850 S. New Braunfels Ave. Ste. 109, San Antonio, TX 78223
  • Phone number: (210) 888-1228
  • Desc: Szechuan, noodles, and soup

Welcome to our favorite Asian restaurant in San Antonio, a place where people who want to try new foods can do so. Our menu has many different meals, such as the famous brisket noodle soup, crispy dumplings, and twice-cooked pork belly which is just as good as the best in New York City.

Even though there have been some problems with meals like the Chicken Fried Rice, our customers have come to expect delicious food every time.

The friendly service, clean space, and quick delivery all make the meal even better. No matter if you were born and raised in New York or just moved there, our restaurant offers a delicious meal every time.

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